Puppets War releases new Warriors in Combat Armor set

Puppets War gives us another new release with their Warriors in Combat Armor set.

From the website:

Set contains all parts need to build 5 Warriors (5 bodies, 5 Space Warrior heads, and 10 hands, bodies and hands have 3x1mm magnet type holes), designed to fit 28mm tabletop wargames scale (36mm high). supplied unassembed and unpainted. Designed by AR. Sculpted by Maciej Powarunas and AR.

  • 4tonmantis

    Kinda neat but the poses make them look like they are lost and somewhat clumsy. With the pre-holed hand thing.. how does that even work on these? Does someone somewhere sell pre-magnetized hands with weapons that I am unaware of or are players meant to just order from bitz retailers? I’m not complaining, just unsure of how that’s supposed to work.

    • Soulfinger

      In the grim darkness of the future, heavily armored troupes dance the robot.

      You kind of ruined it for me pointing out the awkward poses. I was really digging them, and now I can’t see past that without picturing some scifi breakdance fighting.

      • 4tonmantis

        Daaaaaayum Farseer… you got served!

  • wormwoode

    I was actually browsing the site for other things to pad out my order, when I noticed the janky poses and pulled them from my cart. The sculpts look really clean, and (relatively) original. The price isn’t too bad, either- but I’d like to see these with some weapons glued up so I can see just what the sculptor is trying to do.

    • Soulfinger

      True. Like the mighty lemur, they may look a lot more natural with weapons in their hands. I get the feeling though that they were sculpted to look like the moonwalk stance of someone strutting around in a powered exoskeleton, which would probably be pretty realistic, but . . . well, if these guys are killing space elves on Endor then looking cool sort of outweighs realism.

  • Looking at the images, ‘HANDS’ refers to ‘ARMS’ and the pre-drilled holes are for magnets to stick the arms on the bodies.

    The poses will be changeable by repositioning the head/arms.

    It looks like the arms are set up for under-slung weapons… I could be wrong… but that may explain the rigid look to the hand positions.

    Posing aside, I quite like these and think that the pre-drilled magnet holes are a good idea (if you are into that sort of thing) and add to the flexibility of the miniatures (as long as you will be able to get additional arm sets later on).

    The armour looks functional too.

    • Agree with that. I like the more mechanical/heavy duty look.

  • Myrthe

    I see them as an updated Robotech Cyclone armor suit … just need some motorcycle wheels on either side of the back.


    I thought the same thing about the funky poses at first, but then I realized that they are designed to have SHOULDER PADS placed on them!!!

    Am I right?

    I think they will look great with some shoulder pads and weapons offered by Puppets War

  • I’m not the only one that thought they look like Cyclone armour. I dig them just for that. Also cool Robot boots.

    It’s funny it didn’t even occur to be that they should have marine shoulder pads. I like them without.