Puppets War release Native American Heads

By tgn_admin
In Historical
Jun 14th, 2011

Puppets War have released a set of 28mm Native American Heads.

Native American Heads

From their announcement:

This new set contains 10 Native American Heads (5 different versions) Designed to fit 28mm tabletop wargames scale. Supplied unpainted. Sculpted by Slawomir Kosciukiewicz. Also, you can find this set on eBay.

  • Tommygun

    They have had some really cool items as of late.
    Just received the Russian and Mexican heads and the casting is very good.
    I wish they would do something like spare hands as well.

  • beshkno

    Um…as a Native American, those don’t look like anyone I know or have ever seen. What makes the Native American? Just askin’

    • cybogoblin

      When I first saw them I thought they looked more like they were more Aztec/Amazonian in appearance.

      They do look a bit exaggerated, but you get used to that with 28mm minis. A Google Image search of ‘Native Americans’ came back with some examples that these could seem to be inspired by.

    • They have a gnarly sunken-cheek look, to me they’re very reminiscent of 19th century photographs of American native leaders. I would also agree that they don’t look much like the natives I’m personally acquainted with.

  • Do the 40k Dark Angels Deathwing terminators still have Native American fluff, or did that get nixxed at some point?