Puppets War previews war bike

Puppets War posts a preview of their new bike model.

From their preview:

We will release the bike without rider in 2 weeks or the rider version in 3 weeks.
Which one of the will be released first is up to you :).
The rider version will naturally be a little more pricy.
Please tell us in the comments which product do you want first.

  • This is quite nice.. Even viewed as it’s own model and not a replacement for GW kit it is an interesting take on the idea of a motorcycle made for war. Hopefully it’s price is affordable.

  • jackgaudette

    Great sculpt, too bad thereis no “jet bike” option.

  • StygianBeach

    I like it… but who would ride it.. its not sleek enough for my Space Samurai… hmm… maybe I could use it for my Space Soviets?

    • Soulfinger

      Who’d ride it? It’s the super sleek bike that Space Marine scouts ride to impress their lady friends.

  • Looks like a fine Lawmaster to me