Puppets War previews Heavy Motorcycle WIP

By TGN Ross
In News
Mar 1st, 2012

Puppets War posts a preview of their new Heavy Motorcycle on their page.

From their preview:

Heavy motorcycle WIP

  • Ghost

    Nice. Better grab some before GW sends out cease & desist orders 😛

    • Because they’re the people allowed to put armored dudes on huge motorcycles?

      • *only people

        • Soulfinger

          I do believe GW sending a cease and desist order is the reason why the Hell’s Angels stopped wearing power armor.

  • Interesting. I figured if someone was going to make an alternate to Space Marine Bikers, they wouldn’t go with something that looks so much like a Space Marine Bike. Why not appeal to the retro crowd by making sometihng based on the original Vincent Blackshadow bikes? Or even a modern-scaled version of the original Laserburn Imperial bikes seen here: http://15mm.co.uk/317.htm , which is what the old Epic Marine bikes were based upon?

  • macvurrich

    Can we have some EAGLE decals on the front then it could be a ideal Lawmaster for Judge Dredd 🙂

    • Klaetch

      That’s not a half-bad idea, but I think I’ll be holding out to see if Mongoose come through with their Lawmaster any time soon. If I get bored of waiting, I can see this being a great alternative. 😀