Puppets War previews a WIP of their Cyber-arthropod

Puppets Wars gives us a look on their Facebook page of their new Cyber-arthropod they’ve got in the works.

Looks good, guys!

  • Monkey

    Necron Wraith??

  • I don’t know anything about the new Necrons but I think I remember hearing that there is a “big brother” to the Wraith in the new list… this being a representation of that if I’m correct.

  • Veritas

    It’s a wraith. They just got renamed in the new list to Canoptic Wraiths. No size change has been mentioned as far as I know.

    • Interesting.. though, the scale of this thing still eludes me then if that’s the case. I assumed those were 1 inch squares.

      • Borzag

        I had them picked at 1cm (10mm) squares; 5 squares = 2″. That should be a better indicator.

        • Thanks, I could see that being more accurate than my guess… especially with Puppetwars being Polish (I think?). It seems a bit beefier than the normal concept people have of wraiths I think .. but that’s not a bad thing.

  • lordofexcess

    Wow I think this company is a few minis away from having a total knock off of everything GW makes 🙂 I like most of their stuff honestly but their prices are a little too high for my taste … most of their products are a little below forge world prices but not enough to make it worth the price for me. But I’m not a fan of forge world anyway the price of forge world is really insane. So while I applaud an eastern European company making money in the wake of GWs high prices … I don’t see myself buying any of this stuff. I’m one stingy consumer though, I think these guys must be selling well because they continue to expand their line. The quality of their line is pretty impressive. If they get picked up by a US distributor at any point my tune would change a bit … without the rough exchange rate and high shipping costs their stuff would be much more reasonable I think. Anyway I hope they keep their doors open and continue making pretty stuff.

  • I’m not a GW gamer, but the model above looks damn fine. Could definitely see that in a couple games I play.

  • Jeremy

    Since it is a WIP, is there still time to fix the back of the “spine”? The ridges don’t line up.