Puppets War previews 3D printed heads

By TGN Ross
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Feb 9th, 2012

PuppetsWar.eu previews the actual heads for the 3D rendering they have have been previewing.

From their preview:

3d first look

  • Soulfinger

    Very cool. Does anyone know if other companies are working with 3D printing yet, or is Puppet Wars being the visionary trendsetter here?

  • TGN Ross

    There are lots of companies that use 3D Printing, and a lot use pre-product models with 3D printing, and there are some companies that even use them for actual product models. Though a list of those, would be cool.

  • arcturus

    The big companies (Privateer and GW at least) use 3D printing for prototyping models before going to production. It would be very cool to see more companies go to a print-on-demand style as 3D printing becomes more affordable. Imagine a world in which you could custom pose and equip your models in an online avatar builder and then have them printed to your specification… pretty neat.

    • POD is still a bit away, a 28mm mini still runs about $150-$200 each when printed.

      • number9

        Not sure where you are getting your prices or what level of quality you are basing it on, but it seems your estimates are off by a lot considering these.

        • Wrong printer and their quality, frankly sucks.
          You’re not comparing apples to apples. The prints you see above were not done on any shapeways printer. I know because I know the material the heads above were printed out of.

          I had them (Shapways) run me six test minis for a scale comparison. Three were complete garbage and the other three would not be usable IMO as a 28mm mini due to the details and surface issues. They looked like garbage. I would never sell them to anyone who expected a quality mini.

          • number9

            Ok. How about myrobotnation? For a 2 inch very customizable, posed, and colored robot made of pretty solid material that holds decent detail and has a reasonably smooth finish (smoother than some pewter casts I’ve gotten from major manufacturers), you still pay much less than your quote. I’ve got a couple of them. Kids wouldn’t even have to paint their stuff, just give it a dunk in army painter!

            Everyone is going to have varying tolerances on what they think looks like garbage. Like most things, the more you pay the greater the expectation of quality. You didn’t preface your comments. I provided an example. Obviously we aren’t talking about the same thing.

  • Stu

    Spartan Games also spring to mind.

  • Sevej

    AFAIK many 15mm retailer also uses 3D printing, but primarily on vehicles (due to size). They print in 3D (usually by another company), clean up the artifacts, and then cast it. I know there are products from Khurasan and Rebel minis that use this process.

    • Correct, Sevej. Not just vehicles, anymore. As Mark said above, the machines are getting better, to the point of being indistinguishable from hand sculpting, in my jaundiced opinion. It’s just a matter of what you’re willing to pay the service bureau.


  • Przemas

    well I could only add that lots of companies use 3d printing nowadays and PW is no pioneer in this matter 😀 .