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By tgn_admin
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Mar 12th, 2011

Wyrd Miniatures have opened a website, with a small teaser image, for their Puppet Wars game.

  • trajan

    Looks like they’re stealing the idea and minis from Tor Gaming’s Relics to me!

    • LastDinosaur

      Humm.. Yeah I don’t think so.. If you look through the first Malifaux book you’ll see that it’s littered with voodoo doll’ish art – that has always been hugely popular.

      At Gencon last year they also showed us some teaser miniatures suggesting it’s been in the works for a long time.

      Now I don’t know exactly when Tor Gaming started their line, but those stitched dolls have always been an integral part of Malifaux..

  • Snig

    I believe that the style of the miniatures of both games can be traced back to the Mid Nor range by Rackham (Confrontation). (examples: link text). At least this was the first time I saw this “stiched together” look on a larger scale. (… and loved it)

  • Morf

    Same concept artist in Malifaux and Relics, fortunately nobody can trademark voodoo and voodoo dolls.

  • Tor Gaming

    I think people are just too over the top when it comes to stuff like this. Unless they produced a copy of our models or models that are clearly copies (18th century British army uniformed voodoo dolls), there is nothing we can do about it.

    We’re the first to bring stitch-punk to your tables properly but we certainly won’t be the last.

    Personally, I’m looking forward to these models, can never have enough voodoo stitch-punk models!!

    So, lets stop all the ‘they are copying x’ rubbish and just enjoy the games and models out there.

    And yes, I’m guessing from the style that Melvin was the artist, hence why the style is the same.

  • EricJ

    I agree with Tor, and in fact, we agreed back in early 2010 when the Relics line was announced. We had this concept artwork drawn and were showing it off as far back as mid 2009 (you can see it featured prominently in our Malifaux rulebook and coloring book). So it did catch our attention when another miniature company was starting up using the same artist on the same subject matter. But like Tor, we decided there was nothing to make an issue of, since we don’t own the concept of voodoo doll/puppet miniatures, and we wished them the best.

    However, we were not going to stop our own plans to develop a game which we’ve been working on for quite some time, are very excited about, and have a couple dozen miniatures already sculpted for.

    So it seems we can all agree here, and wish each other the best of luck!