Punga Miniatures Creating Toa Orcs Fantasy Football Team

By Polar_Bear
In Fantasy Sports
Aug 2nd, 2017

I love Moana. I think that movie is awesome. Didn’t see it in the theaters, but did watch it a bunch of times when it came out on Netflix. So I’m totally in a groove with Polynesian culture and such. So I’m pretty interested in these new Toa Orcs that Punga Miniatures is creating.

From them to you:

The creation of the team inspired us to the Maori culture, Toa in translation from the Maori warrior, brave, champion, winner.

We consult about Toa orcs with NZ BB community in order to better reflect the essence of the rich Maori culture in our miniatures.


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  • BDub

    Great idea for a team theme. BTW, have you played Tribal – skirmish combat game?

    • I have not.

      • BDub

        To be honest, I haven’t either. But I do have the rules. I have a habit of that. I like reading rulesets to see what designers are doing. Tribal has some simple but fun mechanics. The entire thing is designed with small tribal warfare in mind, and I believe the devs are from NZ so it has Maori in mind from the get go. Check it out. There are play though vids around and you can get a PDF on http://www.wargamevault.com/product/181702/Tribal–skirmish-combat-game