Pulp Figures Unreleased Variant bonus Offer

Pulp Figures are offereing a variant figure in limited quantities:

From their announcement:

This version of Zeppelin Commander Zorn has never been in production. I have a few dozen extra castings so as a special short-term offer I’ll include one free in every order of 3 or more packs. As long as this pic is up in the ‘Whats New’ section of the Pulp Figures site, offer remains good. When the pic comes down all the figs are gone.

  • Huscarle

    Very nice, but where on earth is their shopping basket; I cannot find a link anywhere on their site.

  • You just click ‘catalog’, then click the category you want, then it shows a list with thumbnail picture & link code- have to click the link code, then you can select the number of them you wish to order.

  • Huscarle

    Thanks LaughingFerret; I could have sworn that those options weren’t available last night…too tired I guess. I’ve now just put in my order and got 2 free packs too. Nice result once they arrive.