Pulp City Update Thursday

By Polar_Bear
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Jun 19th, 2014

Pulp City has another of their weekly updates for how things are going with their Kickstarter progress.


From this update:

Howdy Citiziens,

The pledge manager turn-in date is past us but we are still missing quite a few. If you got any doubts how to do it or why are you receiving reminder emails, please re-read update 82 and then if it is still not clear, please contact us at kickstarter (at) pulpmonsters.com!

Remember that we keep Karol in the basement until we get all pledges sorted out.

Early next week, last of the sculpts should go for resin master casting and we will be ready for the mass production. We are all good with the miniatures. I also received the word from Q-Workshop that the dice are being packed this weekend. We almost know the final pagecount for the book, so in June we’ll get final quotes for printing and reserve a production line spot. Hopefully not many companies print books in the summer!

You want pictures? OK, I am in a very voodoo modes, so here you are (Mambo we’ll have some slight production adjustments):

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  • 4tonmantis

    I literally have no plans on completing the pledge manager.. I don’t see why they chose to do it in this outdated method and it’s extremely inconvenient/cumbersome.

    • Borzag

      Sweet. Thanks for the bonus moneys, those of us who are getting minis appreciate the help you put in to get our stretch goals 🙂

      Seriously though…. took me all of 5 minutes to fill out my pledge. I work with spreadsheets every day, also in a situation where they’re not the best option (engineering ftw), and I’ve learnt to live with it. Jump off that high horse and git ‘er done.

    • grimbergen

      Well, at least this implementation is actual usuable. I’ve seen so many buggy fundafull and backerkit implementations that lost my cart items and/or miscalculated totals. And those are supposed to be the more popular tools.

      As with Borzag’s comment… it took me about 15 min to complete it for the dozen or so various minis I was looking for. I’m sure if i was using backerkit, to do the same activity, would have taken twice as long or more. In fact I was just adding stuff in backerkit for another campaign and it was a chore with the limited choices being on each page, the slow fading pagination animation effects, not being able to edit your cart without completely removing things, ugh.

      • grimbergen

        Oh yeah, forgot the most annoying thing… about every 4-5 campaigns that I charge my credit card in backerkit for addons generates a fraud alert that I have to deal with.

        I’m not against having a better system than excel sheets and paypal, but currently I have not seen a good implementation. Maybe CMON’s CKPM.

    • Morf

      While you may not find it the most convenient method, that is the one we went with for a couple of reasons, one of them being a major money drain on all the extra KS tools. These things are pricey!
      As a backer of multiple KS projects, I personally didn’t find filling out a multiple option backer tool (such as say Wrath of Kings) any easier than excel file (such as WWX).

      Of course you may decide not to send the pledge manager in, but if you are willing to change your mind, we are tending to each of the pledgers with excel problems individually – let us know if we can help.

  • Lemminkaeinen

    I have been in crowd sourcing campaigns that used an Excel sheet, I’ve been in ones that simply used email (as in, “tell us what you want in email”) and in ones that have used different pledge manager systems. I can quite honestly say that the Excel sheet for Pulp City was very much middle of the pack. It was easy to fill out and I found it less of a hassle than many other systems I’ve used.

  • 4tonmantis

    Eh, I think I did $15.. not even enough to cover shipping.. originally I was going to throw in and get the base game and all of that.. I’ve backed plenty of Kickstarters.. so I’m not sure if people are implying that this is just how it’s done and I don’t know better.. or what.. but I’ve backed.. I think maybe a dozen by now. Mantic and Reaper being IMO, the most successful and featuring a perfect example of how it’s done. A few others were simple enough that you really only needed to fill out the survey. That was it. Anyway.. it’s not a big deal and if you didn’t mind the hassle, good on ya. I’m just not there with it.

    • Lemminkaeinen

      I didn’t mean to imply inexperience on your part. But like I said, I’ve been a part in several Kickstarters with worse systems. The Excel sheet that Pulp Monsters provided was really nice.

      But I’m not trying to convince you here to do it or anything – you should do as you see best, naturally. I just wanted to point out that lots of successful Kickstarters have used this system or an even less sophisticated one.