Pulp City Supreme Edition, funding now

Pulp City, after all the prep and build-up, has launched their Supreme Edition Kickstarter campaign. Funding is shooting up fast, so be watching this one. Stretch goals will fall, I assure you.


From the campaign:

Supreme. Super Powered. Blockbuster Action. In a premier tabletop skirmish game. Pulp City: Supreme Edition coming to a table near you.

On the coast of California lies the most exciting city in America. In this place aliens rub shoulders with ancient gods. Robots join forces with those born with strange powers and fantastic abilities. It’s a place filled with heroes and villains, where everyday men and women live side by side with Supremes.

This is Pulp City. Pulp City is playground where all your favorite 80’s action movies, comic books, and cartoons collide. It’s a setting perfect for crazy battles and thrilling heroics. Dastardly villain and large than life heroes are all part and parcel. So if you love any of the above or all of it together you should be in Pulp City.

Pulp City is heroic 32mm Skirmish game where you the player take control of a Team of Supremes and lead them into battle against rival Teams. Pulp City allows you to live out your favorite action movie moments, destroying buildings, throwing cars, saving the innocent, or just pummeling others into the ground.

  • Funded!

    This new edition of the rules, as far as I know from a couple of beta games I played, is very smart, innovative, well written.
    This game system will satisfy the smooth game mechanics connoisseur

    • blkdymnd

      Not that it really means much, but didn’t they put out a full rulebook just a year or two ago? I played first edition, didn’t play the second edition of it, but I may jump in on this. It’s one of the very few skirmish games that still interest me.

      • jedijon

        Did they address the book keeping?

        This game used to be – so you’ve got 10 actions and don’t need to take them ALL now…oh, but these 3 things you can do – you can only do 1/turn, so keep track of which of ’em you’ve done. Presumably with a fistful of counters for each figure and a notebook………

        • Beermonkey

          Hey Jedijon;

          Yup that’s all gone. Everything you need is on 1 side of 1 card. EVERYTHING! All the clunky slows down gameplay, requires looking up, what does this thing do again stuff is out. That’s not to say you don’t have stuff to track. This is still a minis game so damage, fatigue (movement), and bonus or penalty dice still need keeping an eye on. But that is it.

          A Level 12 game originally took a couple of hours, sometime 3 or 4. Now you can play a level 12 game in about an hour. So yeah we kept all the fun, dumped all the clutter. Battles are bigger but faster.

  • The hardback rulebook was published in 2010. They released it as a free pdf 2 years ago I think. Before that there was a free online pdf. So this v2 is like a v3. The game is much mature than what a v2 would suggest.
    Every iteration of the rules has seen a major improvement of gameplay and this edition should be the best yet. I think it’s here to stay for a while.

  • Also, this edition paves the way for build your own supremes as well as MONSTERS!

    I’m not quite sure what all is in it, though.

    • blkdymnd

      Build your own ‘x’ in games usually doesn’t go too well in my experience, but I’m very interested in monsters and having giant stuff to fight.

  • Just to back my opinion a little bit.
    Like (probably) many of you I am a game collector. Very curious of the game systems that exist or have existed.

    I’ve played :

    Confrontation 2.3, 4 (CaoR) and Phoenix (beta)
    Confrontation Age des Escarmouche (AdeS)
    Warhammer Battle v4
    Pulp City first pdf and v1
    Hell Dorado
    D&D minis v1 and 2
    Star Wars Minis
    World of Warcraft miniature Game
    Song of Blades and Heroes
    Krossmaster Arena

    I’ve read :

    Anima Tactics
    Warhammer 40k v1, v2, v6
    Uncharted Seas
    Arcane Legions
    Song of our ancestors
    Song of Fear and Faith
    Song of Flying Lead
    Super System
    Relic Knights (beta)
    Super Dungeon Explore

    This game (pulp city supreme edition – if similar to what I’ve seen during the beta) is part of my top 3 and probably my number one skirmish game system ever.

    • jedijon

      Of those on your list, I’d rate Alkemy as best, and Okko the worst. CAoR comes close, mind you. Dreamblade is better than anything else on your list, but I’d say you’ve miscategorized it – unless your intent was to list EVERY game “system” you’ve played rather than just miniatures games. Dreamblade is MTG in 3D. C3 is my watershed, games below it don’t get played. Descent makes the grade [although any grid game at least FEELS very different than a miniatures game and makes me break out words like “true”] and I’d hoped WotC’s Ravenloft, etc. would…but sadly don’t. Not so much due to mechanics but the insert. Oh holy hell. Trying to find those stupid tokens each adventure – forget it.

    • mathieu

      Unless you explain which games you liked and disliked and for what reasons, this list is showing that you’re somewhat familiar with many systems, rather than elaborating, let alone backing up, your opinion. For all I know you really dislike Infinity because it’s too simplistic for you, or really like Malifaux because it’s so well written, in which cases I’d know we have very different tastes and to consider your opinion accordingly. 🙂

      • That’s right Mathieu. This list doesn’t “back” my advice.
        Though when I want to buy a car or a computer, for example, I tend to have more trust in the advice of a guy who is “somewhat familiar with many systems” ;o)
        Well, to be fair, if you don’t like combo games, super heroes or point allowance/ressource allowance systems Pulp City is not for you for example.

        I dislike Infinity because of the plethora of small rules that bog down the system and create too many exceptions. I also dislike the assembly skills needed to assemble their (nice but frail and with excessive multiparts) minis
        In comparison with Infinity, IMO, Pulp city is a much lightweight system, but it is not a simplistic system. It’s easy to learn but still a challenge to master.

        • grimbergen

          uh… you wanna talk about assembly madness? The pulp monsters had some of the worst designs or castings with regards to assembly.

          A bunch of small appendages with little or no connectors, i.e. flat surfaces.

          the worst was the chaingun gorilla, not only were his arms in multiple parts (each arm also), they were so poorly designed it was practically missing an ebow and I had to it myself and also part of the ammo belt feed. nightmare.

  • I Forgot Warlord 1 and 2 from Reaper in my played list

    • Soulfinger

      Ah, but how many dice do you own?

  • Beermonkey

    Tomorrow we’ll have another introduction video explaining the Actions themselves. Then on Monday we’ll have a game play video. So you should be able to judge for yourselves if this is the kind of game you would like.

    I honestly think it’s the easy to learn. Fantastically fun to play. And offers deep strategy and blockbuster action that no other game out there is doing. But hey that’s just me.

    • To be fair, Warmachine/Hordes offers some blockbuster action thanks to the power attacks. Pulp City allows you a bit more of those actions (there is much interactivity with scenery) but because it’s a “true” skirmish game (playable and interesting with as few as 3 models per side) it is much more affordable.