Pulp City Progress Thursday #20

By Polar_Bear
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Jul 17th, 2014

Pulp City gives us another update on how things are going with another look at some finished minis and a new WIP.

Pulp City


From the post:

Howdy Citizens,

today we take a trip to the Powerhouse land. We probably spent the most playtesting time on these guys to keep them in check and balanced and yet capable of winning games. When you play with a Powerhouse, you see that part of their power comes from the pure visual threat that each poses. They are a psychological weapon in addition to everything else they do.

So today we visit the painting workshop of Jolly Roger Studios as well as the sculpting workshop of our super talented Jarek.


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  • Soulfinger

    Isn’t that guy from Rifts?

    • odinsgrandson

      Isn’t everyone from Rifts?

  • Beermonkey

    I should hope not. It’s based on original artwork by Melvin de Voor. Though fantasy, Sci-fi being what it is, and there being no such thing as a truly original concept I suppose it could bear a resemblance to something from Rifts.

    • Soulfinger

      Found it. Coalition SAMAS Power Armour or one of its countless variants. Not my choice of game, but it was a rather iconic bit of Rifts imagery back when it came out more than twenty years ago. Plenty of differences with this figure (kind of a SAMAS/Robotech vibe), but I bet there would be some Palladium fans happy to do the conversion work.

      • odinsgrandson

        Yeah, they do both have that groovy Robotech feel to them. This mini definitely isn’t taken from Rifts, but it would be pretty easy to convert him.