Pulp City previews The Yeti concept art

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 16th, 2013

Pulp City continues their previews of concept art for upcoming releases with a look at The Yeti.


From the preview:

The Jade Emperor found this creature high in the snow shrouded Himalayas. Through arcane rituals or more mundane torture these creatures have been bound into service of the Emperor for countless centuries.

The Yeti is a fearsome combatant and serves as the Jade Cult Powerhouse. He attacks swiftly and with unmatched ferocity then fades into night. His terrifying howl is often the last sound heard by an enemy of the Jade Cult.

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  • papasmrf667

    is this game still rolling along? seems like its been lurking around for years!

  • Beermonkey

    We’re still here and about to get better than ever. I know it seems like we went dark but we’ve been very busy in the background re-writing the whole game from the ground up. What we’ve got is Pulp City Supreme Edition. It’s faster and much more streamlined than before.

    With Supreme Edition you will be able to play larger games with more models in less time and still get that 80’s Action Movie feel. Get on our Facebook page and check out all the latest news. The KS should go live very soon. New book and starter sets to be available spring of next year.

    Devon Peterson
    Pulp City

  • papasmrf667

    oh a kickstarter!? yes please. I’m glad the game is alive and well I have been interested forever.