Pulp City Guide shipping soon

Pulp City Guide coverThe Pulp City Guide rulebook will be shipping in a few days.

From their announcement:
Don’t want to keep you waiting, the book ships on Monday and the store is still not yet 100% functional. Maybe after the weekend. but for now:

What You Get
144 heavy stock gloss paper perfect bound hard cover beauty of the book.
The book retails for 24.99 Euro and 34.99 USD.
You can purchase the book directly from us for 24.99 Euro.

Europe: 8.99 Euro (1 book) or 11.99 (2 books)
Americas & Africa: 10.99 Euro (1 book) or 19.99 Euro (2 books)
Asia: 11.99 Euro (1 book) or 21.99 Euro (2 books)
Australia: 15.99 Euro (1 book) or 29.99 Euro (2 books)

How To Order
Send an email to maciej (at) pulpmonsters.com with your address and PayPal address, and I will send you an invoice this week.
If you want your book order filled and shipped on Monday, we can only handle pure book orders, no miniatures.

Dear Australian Pulp Citizens, please mind that the shipping should be 20 Euro for a single book but I am willing to participate in costs. I believe the easiest way for you is to get the book from Jim Dice (his shipment will leave on a 5-day shipment some time next week – so you will get the book pretty much the same time), please contact him -he may still add up to his order.
The book will barely make it under a kilo package, the way the Post Office works here is that even an extra gram over one kilo tips it off to a 1000g-2000g territory, effectively adding extra 50% to the shipping or even doubling it.