Pull up a stool at the Dragoneye Tavern

By Polar_Bear
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Oct 4th, 2014

4am is running a Kickstarter campaign for Dragoneye Tavern, their new fantasy card and dice game.

Dragoneye Tavern


From the campaign:

Dragoneye Tavern is a casual game set in the Fantasy world of Askrias for 2~4 players, and of all ages. Players play a role of an adventurer, enjoying the night in the taverns after their adventures, but of course drinking and eating everyday is not the only thing they do! So, grab a seat and experience one of the favorite game among the adventurers in Dragoneye Tavern and the whole of Askrias.

Each player’s main goal is to earn the most shards, but this is no ordinary game, everyone knows that, dirty tricks are always used when played in a Tavern! During the game each player will be able to use their tricks to disrupt other players from getting the best hands, but at the same time they will be doing the same to you! So, never play fair, and use your wits to be the best!

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  • QuickDrawOutlaw

    I loved this game…when it was called Red Dragon Inn.

  • jedijon

    I dunno, seems real clunky with a protracted dice grabbing mechanic sure to induce AP as each player turns the die in their hands looking for the one w/the best 6 outcomes…

    Plus, English doesn’t appear to be this designer’s strong suit. The first example card is a mess “you may give exchange a…”. I wait for games to enter the wild now. Kickstarter is not the life for me!

    • Soulfinger

      Oh wow. You’re right. That introductory tale is more painful to read than Twilight fan fiction.