Project Slipstream comic scenario intros

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Mar 8th, 2011

Micropanzer Wargame Studio have posted a series of comic scenario introductions for their Project Slipstream game.

USRDF DroopShip

USRDF DroopShip

From their announcement:

As I move from core development of the overall look of Project Slipstream and start working on the rules I thought it would be fun to take a break and work on some short stories in comic form setting up some of the scenarios I will be writing for rule book. Next Week I should have another short story involving Russian heavy armor suits clearing out some Alien in the underground subway system in Moscow.

I have also gotten back more concepts for the United States Rapid Deployment Force or USRDF for short. I am working on a layout to present but am very excited about the RDF dropship so thought I would go ahead and share it now – It is scheduled to be 3d sculpted along with the Heavy Walker of the Amakudari faction – I am unsure if I will be offering a 32mm version but the 15mm version is going to be a decent sized model.

  • Very cool! I’ll need to pick a couple of these bad boys up!


  • Ken

    I’m liking the look of this. Keep up the good work!

  • antenociti

    love the overall design Jason, but i think the landing-gear might give you issues if you intend to include them with the model.

    The shape and position look very suspect in terms of being able to support the weight of the model, probably better to make them vertical so that the weight of the model goes down them, as they are now the weight will either bow them out, or snap them as the base-pad, or the joint into the hull will be too weak, even in metal & pinned.

    Either that or make them very substantial, which might detract from its otherwise sleek style.

  • It is more of a landing skid than a pad and more than likely if issues arise will line up with the bottom of craft mainly there to keep from tipping — not worried about the 15mm version resin body with metal gear should be fine — 32mm scale would be one hunk of resin and would perhaps have to be altered. Now if I knew I could sell 1200 units or so I would get done in injection molded plastic — that is a pipe dream for another day

    • ScoutII

      Injection Molded plastic might be a bit out of reach…but the overall look seems that it would actually lend itself well to vacuum forming. I have seen B-2 models done in that manner, and it works fairly well with certain details done in resin (intakes and the like).

      The other thing to look at would be roto-casting. I use that myself for big items that have a lot of dead space in the middle. Granted, if you want the interior to be accessible, the design becomes a bit more involved.

  • BoosterX

    Really nice stuff. Can’t wait to test some rules out.