Project Pandora: Grim Cargo coming from Mantic in April

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Feb 15th, 2012

Mantic Games new sci-fi board game, Project Pandora: Grim Cargo is Shipping in April:

From their website:

Written by Jake Thornton, author of the sell-out Dwarf King’s Hold series, the game features innovative dice-driven combat and a tense scenario based narrative, allowing you to battle through several missions as the Corporation fend off the 8th race – a mysterious force who have boarded their Starship in an attempt to seize its precious cargo – a cargo which the Corporation will do everything in it’s power to keep hold of…

Project Pandora includes 20 highly detailed plastic Corporation and 8th Race miniatures, stunning new artwork depicting the starship, action counters, dice and the Grim Cargo rulebook, featuring a host of fast paced and easy to learn rules.

All this week on the blog is Pandora Week and we’ll be featuring all the latests news, gossip and artwork from the game, with an 8th Race finale on Friday. Project Pandora: Grim Cargo is now available to advance order from our website and begins shipping in April.

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  • Mantic does space hulk..

  • keltheos

    Mantic’s nothing if not original in their product lines…

  • zeno

    Is taking from thieves still considered stealing?

    Game$ Work$hop have stolen designs from everywhere.

    • Klaetch

      Is taking from thieves still considered stealing?

      Well, yeah, of course it is. Theft is theft, regardless of the target.

      However, I don’t think what Mantic is doing here is theft. The idea is clearly — put charitably — inspired by Space Hulk, or — put less charitably — an imitation thereof. This is no big deal, arguably everything in modern sci-fi and fantasy has its roots in inspiration outside of pure imagination.

      Studio McVey’s Sedition Wars is another example of a game inspired by the same sources (hey, how come we don’t hear so much about that line on TTGN any more?).

      I do think Mantic could do better, though. I wish they’d try.

  • Cherno

    I hope it gets a Dungeon Crawley Expansion… There has been a severe shortage of those ever since FFG released Doom: The Board Game almost ten years ago.

  • Or you could consider this a table top version of “Aliens”…

    I’ll keep an eye out for it.

    • Oh if only someone would actually release a high quality version game that is actually officially based on the license .. Colonial Marines, Xenomorphs, drones, dropships, etc etc..

  • On the subject of this.. If it’s a self-contained game with actual scenery, rules that don’t suck, and models that invoke a sense of nostalgia towards deep space sci-fi.. I’ll be interested.. especially if it’s reasonably priced.

    On the subject of GW’s originality.. not only are they unoriginal (ie ripping off everyone from Giger to Joan of Arc to Gath of Baal), they sue people who try to take similar cues. There’s a reason I don’t buy their products anymore.

  • KelRiever

    Its hard, right? To be original and then also give players what they may be expecting. Is it wrong to be unoriginal if your stuff sells? Yes, if what you want as a priority is to be original. But if making money is a higher priority, well, obviously a less than completely original idea that sells is fine.

    Mantic clearly doesn’t have the most highly sculpted figures ever in its line. What they do great, however, is make something dirt cheap by comparison to other major miniature game manufacturers out there. Sure, you know, I can hunt around online for a bargain on a mini, but they basically put this stuff out at the price they think should be in the market, and keep costs to the point that they’ll make money if it sells. We don’t have to buy it, right? Hey, if it works for them, why not.

    There are already too many miniature games that are alike out there. At least this one might be cost effective.

    • Veritas

      Video games do this too. It’s much rarer to see innovative new titles than it is too see “Remade-to-Death Fighting Game Super Turbo Alpha 6”

      Also, Mantic is both cheap and not-so-cheap. If you’re willing to buy one of their all plastic armies you’re golden, but I was pricing out their Chaos Dwarves and those hybrid metal plastics aren’t anywhere near as good a deal. I’m still thinking I might buy some of these Corporation figures. As long as the vehicles look better than the Squat and Ork vehicles.

    • IndyMike

      Good point KelRiever. The cynic in me first thought ‘the next original idea Mantic has will be the first’. However, upon second thought, if Mantic selling acceptable replacements for GW figures at a lower price helps bring new people into the hobby or keeps people in the hobby, then more power to them.

      Maybe as they grow to a more mature company, they can branch out into new areas and find their own place. For now, what they are doing seems to be working.

      I am interested in Project Pandora. I don’t play 40K or Warpath so this will be a great excuse to paint some of those Corporation figures.

  • -DE-

    Apparently it’s Space Rat Pirates versus Games Workshop Red Shirts in Space. The parallels are obvious…

    • cannondaddy

      Space rats would be the only thing that would get me interested.

  • Will B

    Why is it Mantic always announce pre-orders without showing you what you will actually get?

    • cybogoblin

      Because it’s a teaser. At least they’re not putting it up for pre-order before they announce the contents or show how the game will work cough Dreadfleet cough

      • Veritas

        The preorder for Mantic’s “elite” program has been up for a week and they’re still calling their next race by number designation rather than telling us what it is. Supposedly there’s going to be a reveal today, but that’s still a week they’ve been trying to sell them without even telling us the name of the mystery race.