Project Good Releases a New Expansion to Good: the Battle

Project Good declares its War!!… and it just got a whole lot nicer:

From their post:

Nice: the Expansion continues the theme of any Genre, any scale & any miniatures. With over 50 new powers, more scenarios, more miniature bonuses, vehicle rules, civilian rules, even new ways to play!

No miniatures? No problem – The rules still allow you to have a cucumber and a croissant in a pitched battle to the death! Available in their online store ( or from Wargame Miniatures’ Online Store (

Edit: Fixed link

  • projectgood

    Website link at top should go to: Project Good Website


  • Paintbeast

    Absolutely ridiculous! Everyone knows you can’t have a pitched battle between a cucumber and a croissant. Even if you can keep the croissant from surrendering in the first turn, and every following turn just to be on the safe side, the cucumber is still dead hard and will stomp the snot out of it every time.

    …and I don’t want to hear anything about super powered croissants. We all know that the weakness of the super powered croissant is water, which cucumbers are full of.