Project Good beta test available

Project Good have posted the documents for an open beta test of their Good: the Battle miniatures based combat skirmish game.

From their announcement:

Project Good are pleased to announce the beta test release of their first tabletop skirmish game system Good: the Battle.

Good: the Battle, unlike all the other gaming systems out there, has been designed to be used with every (yes every) miniature in existence. Whatever genre, whatever race, whatever scale (within reason…), you can use the miniatures. Good: the Battle uses the appearance of the actual miniature to give you benefits in the game. For example; a miniature equipped with swords will be better in close combat, than somebody with none. A miniature carrying a rocket launcher will obviously do more damage if it shoots you in the head. Huge dragons will have more hit points, and mice will have less.

But this doesn’t mean a one-armed dwarf mute whose only weapon is a bag full of dead hamsters won’t be able to put up a fight… Oh and there’s powers too, like Replication – because two smaller versions of yourself can do about the same amount of Good but in half the time, and Desolation – for removing those unsightly features in the landscape that are ruining a good view. If you fancy giving it a go, and wouldn’t mind giving us some feedback.

The PDF is available from the website, and will be available until the end of September. We hope you find it’s all Good… More information at