Progress and cheeky new shenanigans from Infamy

Infamy lets us know how things are progressing with their Kickstarter campaign with a look at some new renders.


From the post:

Hello everyone,

I know you folks sometimes get a bit restless when there are no developments, so I’m just dropping in to give a bit of an update. Not too much of note to report as for the most part, stuff is just ticking along.

  • odinsgrandson

    I love their sculpts. All of them.

    It is a shame that some of them are KS exclusive (and I’m in on the KS). They should all be around forever, so that we can see hundreds of outstanding paintjobs of them littering CMON.

  • Argate

    some are really nice, but what makes me regret not having participated in their kickstarter (money, need money for minis!) is Gunnery with his marvellous winged wheelchair. This model is not only a great and crazy idea, is also very well sculpted.