ProGloria Plastic Landsknecht Box on Indiegogo

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Nov 3rd, 2014

ProGloria is running an Indiegogo campaign for a set of Plastic Landsknecht miniatures. Go have yourself a looksee.


From the campaign:

With this Indiegogo-Campaign we want to produce a full plastic-set filled with wargamer goodness and eventually many other lead miniatures plus more plastic if our funding-goal is exceeded by far!

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  • puster

    The “New Model Army” for the Empire 🙂

  • Elladan

    I have seen the 3-Ups and the new 28mm sculpts for the pledges on CRISIS last week, and they look spectecular.
    Pro Gloria is a small company with lot of unique miniatures for this period, very nice chaps, high quality castings and a good and friendly service.
    I’ve supported them with the Looter Pledge and I think they deserve every support they can get to make this project reallity and to allow them to do much more for this period in future.

  • surprize

    Nice sculpts, as they are being done by Renedra they should be able to capture the detail from the 3-ups as well as they are a class act. Seems a bit strange to only have the pike/halberd options though, rather than the iconic zweihander (?! excuse my German) double handed swords options as well.