Prodos Games previews new Alien vs. Predator stretch goal

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Nov 24th, 2013

Prodos Games is showing off the £230k Stretch Goal for Alien vs. Predator over on Kickstarter.


From the update:

Hi there folks! So we have smashed the last Stretch Goal and we can now announce the £230k Stretch Goal!

When we get to £230k, the Predator Young Bloods Add-On will be unlocked and so can be Added for £25 for 3.

The Predator Young Bloods are Yautja which must prove themselves to the senior members of their tribe by surviving the hunt. Young Bloods are by no means weak, they are still Predators and quite often still have the skills required to send whole hives of Aliens packing.

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  • estrus

    I would have thought this would do much, much better. Guess I’m not the only one avoiding it.

  • Argate

    I don’t like Prodos, and in general prodos miniatures have a bad feeling for me (too boring pose, and also don’t like the proportion, all well sculpted, not doubt, but very boring miniatures for taste). Prodos have not the skill for doing a good kickstarter (IMHO), Warzone is big and famous brand and Alien vs Predator is more bigger and famous brand. Journey, Incursion, Alabaster and KD Monster did much and much more without a big brand, collecting two, three or four time more in their campaign. IMO, people understood they want only making money without passion (or, maybe, are they not capable showing their passion?) for the product, a passion well recognized in other blockbuster project.

    • grimbergen

      Agree regarding the poses…none of them have the wow factor.

      Hate to say it, but the heroclix AVP figures have more dynamism than these. Only advantage here of course, are the colonial marines which I don’t recall having seen anywhere else.