Privateer Press Updates its Iron Kingdoms RPG Logo

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Dec 9th, 2011

Privateer Press shows the process of how the Iron Kingdom logo was updated:

From their announcement:

With the new Iron Kingdoms RPG on the way, it was time for the old Iron Kingdoms logo to get a new look to match. I thought I’d show you guys a quick rundown of how we came up with this elaborate redesign.

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  • keltheos


    You know what would be more awesome? Some info on the actual game…

  • Marauder

    Agreed. If its to be out next summer they should already have developed quite a bit, like base mechanics and such!


    • There is quite a bit of information out there already that’s been officially leaked- Like from Warmachine Weekend with DC and Ed B..

      Mechanics will be similar to Warmachine/Hordes. If you are familiar to the game you should be able to port over WM/Hordes models into the RPG.

      • odinsgrandson

        Hm… well that’s interesting. Back when No Quarter first started p, there was a project to create crossover rules for the IK RPG and Warmachine. Soon, the developers found that the rules sets were just too incompatible for it, and gave up on the project.

        I’d love to see it work.