Privateer Press unveils Articifer General Nemo

Privateer Press gives us a look at the new Legendary Warcaster Articifer General Nemo and his assistant Caitlin Finch.

Riders on the storm…

Sebastian Nemo’s myriad innovations—from the storm chamber to the modern colossal—have given Cygnar a crucial technological edge over its enemies. Promoted to the rank of Artificer General, Nemo now holds authority over all Cygnar’s military industry, and he wields his nation’s most advanced weaponry. Nemo’s assistant, Storm Chaser Adept Caitlin Finch, takes to the battlefield at his side, utilizing precisely tuned mechanikal apparatus to augment Nemo’s command over warjacks to unparalleled mastery.

  • Blague

    ArtiFicer and not artiCifer … 😉

  • Veritas

    Wow, color me surprised. I thought for sure the first third tier caster would have been either Stryker given some kind of noble title in addition to being lord commander or Vlad supplanting the Empress thanks to her lack of military acumen which caused her to think fighting on several fronts at once was tenable.

    • ninja007

      A mounted version of Vlad was already previewed about a month ago. He was indeed the first “double epic” we got to see finished art of. Asphyxious, Lylyth, Dawnlord Vyros, and Kreoss are all getting new versions as well. The latter two are mounted (you can see concept art in the most recent NQ magazine).

      But it should surprise no one to see Nemo being explored further over Styker…Stryker is, in the end, just a soldier. Nemo is a legend who changed the fact of the world multiple times and is also the most important military leader in Cygnar. He is literally one of the greatest minds in history and has a lot going on…epic characters don’t have to be catalyzed by any change in story. Nemo or Vlad has so much to them that it takes several iterations to even represent them in one period of their lives.

      • Veritas

        I agree that Nemo is important, but Stryker has had a LOT of time spent on his character development in the fluff. And my main reason for thinking he’d go tier 3 first is that he’s supposed to be Matt Wilson’s alter ego in the game world.

        That said, thanks for the info about the other characters. I only occasionally buy NQs although I buy all the main books on release.