Privateer Press talks about Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game

By TGN Ross
In News
Feb 10th, 2012

Privateer Press presents a video, talking about the new Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game.

Privateer Press presents a video preview of the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game, coming summer 2012! Enter a world of Full Metal Fantasy and explore the Iron Kingdoms like never before. The adventure awaits!

  • KP

    I have always loved the setting Privateer created and it’ good to hear they went with their own system. Hopefully, the gun fighting rules from an old NQ shows up in this system; wild west shoot outs with gun mages would be amazing (unless your the one being shot at) It looks like they the game is miniature focused too so hopefully this means the return of their character line of mini’s too. I’ll wait to see how the system work before I plan on buying since I like the multiple defense system of 4th ed and I would like to see it here.

  • lukestrotz

    I think it’s interesting that they seem to have decided that their target market is warmachine/hordes players looking to expand into playing RPGs, not currently existing RPG players looking to pick up a new system. Not sure how successful that approach will be. Whilst there is certainly cross over between the two hobbies, my experience is that few hardcore wargamers are really into RPGs that much.

  • I think it’s the other way around…if you learn the RPG, you’ll be able to jump into WM/hordes fairly easily. Especially since you’ll be buying the models for the game anyway.

    I just hope the system isn’t bogged down too much one on hand, or over simplified on the other. I’m also hoping the 2d6 plus stat can handle the nuances of an RPG.