Privateer Press Seeks Warehouse Clerk

Ok, so maybe you’re a nerdy, geeky person, but you don’t really think you’re right for the web job at Battlefront. That’s ok. Maybe you’re up for something a bit more physical. Well, Privateer Press is looking for a Warehouse Clerk.

The job’s rather straight-forward. You’ll work in the warehouse packing orders, getting them ready to ship, putting together pallets of orders for distribution and shipping, keeping the warehouse clean, doing Quality Control on items. You know, pretty standard stuff for a warehouse job.


  • chrach7

    How does this count as gaming news? Next up will be hobby stores that are looking to hire cleaning people.

    • And today in Fred, George, Ron, Nelson, and Sarah’s RPG game, Fred and George made lots of Monty Python quotes while Sarah and Nelson actually went ahead with the adventure. But this is pretty standard.

      This just in: Customer at The Fantasy Shop, St. Charles has their shoe untied. Details forthcoming.

      Come on, dude. Hyperbole comment is hyperbole. Jobs directly with gaming companies are gaming news. They can be ways for people to get in with one of those companies and be a part of the gaming industry, possibly to eventually move into other areas within the company.

      Also, this was one post out of 8 today (sorry it’s been a lower count lately, but I’ve been actually rather sick this past week. My 2nd doctor’s appointment in 3 days is later this afternoon. And remember, I’m the only one that actually does stuff for this entire site). And, ok, one other post was about a job in the gaming industry. But it’s not like every day I’m flooding you with these sorts of things. It’s one post maybe ever 3-4 weeks at best. If you’re just here to make snide comments about a single post you don’t like, might I suggest, instead, you turn that negative energy into a positive bit by joining a discussion about one of the other stories on the site. Right now, there’s a rousing discussion of what it means that GW and FFG are parting ways, as well as a look at FFG going to the “collectable” format with Star Wars: Destiny.

      • chrach7

        Wow, no wonder your stuff usually receives 0 comments.
        If you don’t want feedback then just disable the option.