Privateer Press previews Woldwrath

Privateer Press just posted up the preview shots of the Woldwrath, the Circle Orboros gargantuan.

From the preview:

Woldwraths stand as towering monuments to the woldcrafter art, meant to tap into and unbind the ultimate fury of Orboros. Brought to life amid strenuous, blood-fueled rituals conducted atop powerful conjunctions of ley lines, woldwraths channel the vast energies that flow within the earth. Their tempestuous assaults are prefaced by voltaic flickers that play along darkening clouds above and the pulsing runes inscribed across their stone forms.

  • CaulynDarr

    Druid Mad Cat?

  • KelRiever

    That thing looks atrocious. Really, the best looking Colossus is the Khador one. Probably the Cygnar extra large warjack thing after that. This is awful.

  • HiveStar

    For reals, this model is so uninteresting. Was expecting more from Privateer.

  • metalsifter

    Screw you guys this is exactly what I was hoping for, a giant Wold Construct!

    Having large shoulder stones doesn’t make it look like a Mad Cat either, your seriously stretching it there.

  • I like it! Rock on, indeed!

  • ElectricVoodooMagic

    Are those twin linked rail guns? Metalsifter is right, it doesn’t look like the Mad Cat; It looks like a chibi version of a Mad Cat made from stone. The other circle constructs look cool just copy what you have and make it bigger (like Cygnar did)

    • metalsifter

      Why? The Wold Wrath has been concepted for many years now in the Monsternomicon, why would you expect it to look like a regular Wold creation?

      OH, so you can complain about it being just a large Wold construct, that’s why.

      • HiveStar
        • metalsifter

          Yes, I know what a Madcat looks like. I do play Battletech.

          The Woldwrath still doesn’t look like a Madcat no matter how many times you post pics of it.

          • HiveStar

            I agree. But I still think that it’s an incredibly boring and unimaginative sculpt. And I find frothing fanboys to be adorable. <3

          • metalsifter

            Not a frothing fanboy, I don’t even play Warmachine, but I like the sculpt.

            I guess you’d be one of the frothing haters then?

          • HiveStar

            I must be! 😀

        • Dahak

          Looks like a variant of the Glaug that has eaten too many pies.

          • metalsifter

            Now your really stretching the comparisons.

  • Definitely not that great of a sculpt. If it needed guns, make them magical points instead of big rail guns.

    Also, I’m not a fan of the round looking body.

    PP can do better.

  • BryanC

    I was initially unimpressed, but the model looks much better from different angles (try the 360). Now i am really liking it.

  • cybogoblin

    The body only really looks round from the front. The 360 view shows that it’s more than just a giant stone beachball with shoulder-mounted missile racks.

  • Shades

    LOL. A very clever and entertaining twist on the classic “walker”. I think it’s ingenious. I suspect the rail guns were entirely intentional, and I think the humor works well. We certainly need something fresh and novel, after 30 years regurgitating the same concept.

  • Veritas

    Not a huge fan. I don’t think those legs would be able to hold it up.

    • cybogoblin

      Posing it with the fist on the base would help, or model a large pillar that the open hand is holding for balance.

  • blkdymnd

    Unsupportive legs have always been the calling card of a Privateer Press model

  • metalsifter

    I found some more pics on the sculptor’s Deviant Art page:

  • Sisyphus

    Was thinking of starting Hordes but now I’m put off… I can appreciate the poke at the Mad Cat but you could have done that with Warmachine… but Hordes??? I believe a slant on Treebeard might have been more appropriate. I don’t like to hate but… but… but… I’ll shut my mouth.

    • metalsifter

      Except that Treemen like that don’t exist in the Iron Kingdoms.

      I just don’t understand why people were expecting something else. The Wold Wrath was concepted before Warmachine/Hordes were even made. It was in the Monsternomicon for the IKRPG.

      Why would you expect anything different for Circle?

      • Because most peoples first experience with Iron Kingdoms is Warmachine/Hordes, and not many know there was a D20 setting for IK before Warmahordes.

        The books being long out of print doesn’t help things either.

  • Trent

    I feel bad for the sculptor that he was directed to use this pose. I think they should have gone with the full gorilla pose.

    Otherwise, the sculptor did a good job of capturing the concept art. But I still don’t like the model. I will probably heavily convert it, assuming the torso is resin/plastic.

  • keltheos

    What’s wacky on this one is the schizophrenic imagery it has. The gorilla concept is not anywhere close to the rearing up/back image that they used for the color art in the book and neither of them really hit with what the model finally came out as.

    I really liked the color art in the book, wish this was closer to it.

  • ophalia

    I find it fascinating that you are so upset about this. Maybe that is because you are in fact Sean Bullough the sculptor. I have friends at Privateer and they confirmed that in fact is your alias, Metalsifter. So why don’t you stop pretending and own up to the fact that you are a disgruntled person who doesn’t like your work being criticized.

    • Mechanical.Horizon

      I’m the sculptor, Sean Bullough. I’ve posted many times here on TMP using this name, no other.

      I use the alias Mechanical.Horizon on all the forums I’m a member of, it’s the name of my favorite album by Decoded Feedback. Stating that you know people at Privateer who know my alias is a load of crap as well since my manager knows that Mechanical.Horizon is my alias as do several others.

      Nice try though.

      I have no idea who the other poster is you are referring to, that’s irrelevant to me anyway, but I’m glad there are people out there who might not like the sculpt but also don’t see what some of you are seeing in it. Personally I don’t see the Mad Cat likeness either, but that’s just me.

      For the record, I’m not upset at all that people might not like the model, more specifically the pose. That’s life. You can’t please everyone, you’d go nuts trying. You know the saying about opinions.

      When you are a sculptor you get used to criticism. You have to otherwise you won’t be employed for very long.