Privateer Press previews plastic Warpborn Skinwalkers for Circle Orboros

Privateer Press gives us a look at one of the upcoming units for Circle Oroboros: the Warpborn Skinwalkers, soon to be available in plastic.

From the preview:

Warpwolves bring an undeniable power to the battlefield, but the massive creatures are difficult to control. Warpborn Skinwalkers are Devourer worshippers who chose to undergo a partial transformation that leaves their minds more human while empowering them with a bestial strength. These monsters wade through opposing formations, ripping soldiers apart with their jaws or their hefty polearms.

  • jedijon

    Wait, didn’t these come out a year ago? Are they plastic now, or is there something else I’m missing?

  • Grindar

    Yes in plastic, and a box of 5 instead of 3. These are the same ones that come in the 2 player starter box.

  • odinsgrandson

    They look exactly the same as the metal ones. That’s a good thing, I liked the minis.

  • jahatch28

    maybe i’ve been reading too much space wolves fiction from the 40K section of the bookstore, but I want to throw an oversized space marine or chaos marine back pack on these guys and call them melee terminators or chaos marines… especially if they are plastics, you could make some nice conversions… oh, too many armies, too little time..