Privateer Press previews Venator Slingers

By TGN Ross
In News
Jan 6th, 2012

Privateer Press previews the new Skorne Unit, the Venator Slingers.

From their announcement:

The whirring susurration of Venator slingers in battle is a sound even the bravest Praetorians dread. Centuries of house wars have begun with that noise heralding a rain of shattering globes that drench defenders in lethal and viscous acid. Using these weapons, the lowest among the warrior caste can reduce the greatest with just a few well-aimed shots.

  • admanb

    Dull, but good enough for a unit of grunts.

  • warpcrafter

    Y’all know that on the Warmachine side of the Privateer Press universe, there are dudes with rifles? Seriously…

    • cybogoblin

      I guess these are the equivilent of the Menite Holy Zealots.

  • Repeter

    The armor looks more expensive than the weapons.

  • Aksakal

    Slingers because of the payload – and short accuracy in firearms across the continent.

  • ninja007

    The bombs in these slings are superior to guns. And they are almost definitely not less expensive than their armor (not that that’s a logical concern either way).

  • Gailbraithe

    Compared to the rest of the Skorne units, these are really silly looking. I just can’t take a bunch of guys with slings seriously.

    • entil_zar

      Well thats the same thing the Romans thought when they landed on the Balearen Islands of Mallorca and Menorca…after tsothe where high priced auxiliareshgg

      • Repeter

        Great analogy, since the Romans didn’t have a bunch of guns.

        Sorry, PP has been hitting with some winners lately, but these look ridiculous and I can’t believe they made it off the design table. I know this is harsh criticism, but these models deserve it. Imo, of course.