Privateer Press previews Throne of Everblight

By tgn_news_poster
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Oct 13th, 2011

Privateer Press has previewed the Throne of Everblight in their newest Insider.

From their website:

With the release of Domination fast approaching I’m very excited to give a sneak peek at one of the most impressive battle engines yet, the Throne of Everblight.

  • Brodee

    Love it. Some of these battle engines have been awesome. That’s going to be quite amazing to see on the battle field.

  • mathieu

    I wish PP had put as much effort in the design and level of details of the early battle engines as they do now. Both this and the fulcrum are nice, intricate model, with levels of detail similar to 32mm miniatures. The WM engines are simplistic, and look like blown up 32mm miniatures…

    Oh well. Gorgeous kit for Legion anyway.

    • admanb

      You could make the same argument about Hordes beasts vs Warmachine jacks. They are just a different style. Warmachine big guys are streamlined and mechanical, while Hordes ones are messy and organic.

      • mathieu

        Not at all. Both regular warbeasts and warjacks have the same level of details as regular troopers. And Warjacks certainly aren’t any less intricate than Warbeasts… Warmachine BE’s don’t even look like they are at the same scale as the rest of the WM range. They are barely any finely detailed (if at all) than the large scale resin statues of Warjack PP produced many years ago. And not nearly as cleanly cast, by the way.

        Besides out of the two previewed Hordes BE’s, only one is organic and messy.

  • KelRiever

    Really? I think this thing looks horrendous. As in badly thought out. Whatever. It would have to be purely amazing for me to buy it. I like the stagecoach and play Khador, and that hasn’t been picked up yet, either.

  • Veritas

    This thing is much cooler in the flesh than the concept art. I agree that Hordes seems to be making out better than WM when it comes to battle engines. Although I do like Cygnar’s Tesla walker.

  • arcturus

    I was very worried when I saw the concept art for this piece and the cover art for Domination, but it looks like the model has come out quite a bit better than I expected. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

  • GorilaMaguila

    I like it.