Privateer Press previews the Siege Animantarax

Privateer Press previews the Siege Animantarax, the Skorne Battle Engine.

From their website:

Lumbering inexorably across the battlefield, animantaraxes are living siege engines. The ornate houdaas atop their backs bristle with veteran crews of Praetorians wielding spears and Venators manning double-combed reiver guns. Incoming fire serves only to enrage these giant beasts, and their handlers gladly indulge their anger and watch with grim satisfaction as the behemoths smash through their foes and deliver death to everything within reach.

Base Size: 120mm
PIP Code: 74064
Price: $94.99*
Model Count: 1
Packaging: Box

  • “Rogue Group!! Use your harpoons & tow cables! Go for the legs! It might be our only chance of stopping them!”

    Not a big Skorne fan in terms of aesthetics, but I have to say that this model is pretty sweet! Though I do wish its legs were a bit longer.

  • KelRiever


  • Brodee

    This guy makes Khador seem speedy

  • tuco

    Wish there was a 360 view of it. I didn’t like the art in Domination. This doesn’t look very much like the art to me at all, but I still don’t like it. I will say though that the photos aren’t the best so it may be a lot better that what is represented here.

  • skullking

    LOve the model! I’ve heard people who’ve tried comping it have been disappointed, but, I’m more about cool models than battlefield ability when it comes to miniature games. Good thing for me that Bronzebacks kick butt!

  • MadNes

    slightly dissapointed. It may be time for me to switch factions.

  • Am I the only one who sees this thing going down a hill then suddenly toppling forward only to have the spikey thing up top stuck in the ground with the creature’s arse up in the air comically?

  • Now that’s a howdah! Nice miniature!

  • ater daeus

    This model is so beautiful. Completely worth the wait.