Privateer Press previews the Road Hog

By TGN Ross
In News
Mar 1st, 2012

Privateer Press shows off the new Road Hog on their website.

From their preview:

The mighty road hogs hurl themselves into the fray with supercharged fury, unleashing gouts of flame and mechanikally enhanced brutality upon enemies of the farrow. Their lower limbs replaced by prosthetic legs, they are capable of surprising swiftness at the cost of agonizing pain to the beasts themselves—a small price to pay for the brutal carnage the road hogs can inflict upon their foes.

Base Size: 50mm
PIP Code: 75034
Price: $47.99*
Model Count: 1
Packaging: Box

  • Spartan

    They finally made a half decent Rocksteady (TMNT), where is the Bebop model?

  • Release date 4-1-2012?

  • supervike

    They want 50 bucks for that thing? Egads, that’s horrible.

    • mathieu

      I was thinking the same thing… Even for PP this is getting shockingly expensive!

      • metalsifter

        The cost has nothing to do with PP in general, it’s metal and metal is getting expensive.

        • Not that expensive! This is only a 50mm base size?! Yikes!

          • ater daeus

            So he is bigger and taller than a plastic GW Dreadnought and only costs 2 bucks more. I don’t understand how this is expensive.

          • Well, my urethane plastic cast models for Kaiju Kaos are up to 5x bigger than this and never break the $50 price point. 🙂

          • ater daeus

            Again, you are comparing a plastic kit to a metal kit.
            And Kaiju Kaos is not nearly in the realm of PIP or GW or Wyrd or spartan for that matter.

          • Kaiju Kaos? That is your comparison? Laughable.

        • supervike

          No argument that metal has gotten more expensive, yet companies such as Grindhouse games puts out a very large mini 60mm tall (Panzeraffe) for 18 bucks, Hasslefree’s boss Meesans (granted not quite as big) sell for under 20 bucks. It has everything to do with PP. But, they can charge whatever they’d like for their overdesigned products, I’ll pass on this one.

          • ater daeus

            I will agree that they can do as they like and I honestly really dislike the model.

            The model, however, FILLS a 50mm base and is a substantial chunk of metal. $50 is not unreasonable at all.

          • supervike

            No, you’re right, it’s a hefty chunk, I have no problem with PP making profits. I don’t think the price is unreasonable at all, fans will pay for it thus it makes the value correct. Now, whether or not it’s expensive is another argument altogther.

  • Nosaj Verush

    I know the pigs involve some humor, but he just looks too ridiculous for me. Maybe he will grow on me.

    • That was my thought on it … though strangely I don’t think he’d make a bad warboss for Orks if you swapped his head.. As it is with that head though (which seems too big anyway) he looks kinda goofy. Not intended to be mean but it looks like it was conceptualized by a child.