Privateer Press previews Stormwall Colossal

By TGN Ross
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Mar 8th, 2012

Privateer Press previews the new Cygnar Colossal, the Stormwall.

From their website:

Perhaps Nemo’s greatest creation, the Stormwall towers over Cygnar’s enemies with all the majesty and menace of a looming cloudburst. From the thunder of its guns to the blinding cracks of arcing electricity from its lightning pods, the Stormwall is the mechanikal embodiment of the tempest. Powered by both steam and surging voltaic energy, it riddles the enemy lines with cannon shells and hails of bullets before smashing survivors with its electrified fists.

Base Size: 120mm
PIP Code: 31050
Price: $134.99*

  • elril

    Man, I am glad I got out of this game. And I thought my other hobbies were expensive!

  • metalsifter

    Miniatures are no more expensive than any other hobby, it all depends on how much you are “into” the hobby and if you have any other interests besides miniatures.

  • keltheos


    For the WM/H gamer who is a completist/collector, or only plays one game system and doesn’t dilute his or her hobby $$ this thing isn’t that bad of a buy. It keeps them interested in the game, gives the company a talking point, gives the player something to add to their already complete Faction collection that isn’t just ‘more units’ and breathes some new life into tactics and larger games.

    Just like reading Fortune Cookie fortunes with the added “…in bed” at the end I have to read any complaints of “too expensive” from gamers with “…for me” afterward.

    That said, this will probably wait to be my X-Mas gift to myself this year if I want it bad enough. I don’t see it being practical in the WM size games I play to warrant a OMGBUYNOW purchase.

  • cannondaddy

    It’s about $15 cheaper than I thought it would be… not a bad price compared with Forge World. For me price/value comes down to how much fun you get out something.

  • supervike

    I’m not usually a fan of PP stuff, I think they tend to over design. But this is pretty darn cool. And the price isn’t obnoxious. Sure it’s spendy, but it’s a fantastic piece.

  • Repeter

    I haven’t bought a PP product in years and don’t really plan to start again now, but there is a voice from deep within (or is that coming from my shoulder?) that is calling out for me to get one of these. I won’t listen to it…yet.

  • elril

    You guys are forgetting people who are into more than just one game. Trying to be a casual gamer in several games is quite costly.

    • metalsifter

      Which is always by choice

      • keltheos

        Metalshifter has it.

        I’m a fan of several systems so I have to manage my purchases. I totally get that. It’s my choice to dilute my disposable gaming income across those systems vs. focusing on one and spending all that income on it.

  • TaoDeInsane

    ya, it’s $135, but for someone like me, who has been playing for 8 years, and has pretty much everything, that’s like one of maybe 3-4 releases a year that I go and buy. Considering the others are $15-$35 jacks, it’s not that bad of a price. Especially considering the monstrosity that the model is. Now, for someone starting out, buying this as part of say ~100 points of models to cover 2-3 lists, ya, I can see balking at the price tag.

  • keltheos

    Who ‘starts out’ with a list that’s 100 points?

  • oldsalt

    I look at the unbuilt one and see 60 pins holes to drill. 60! ‘Cause it’s made of resign and metal–I’m going to have to pin it–I Don’t Like dat. Paying $135 for a single playing piece in a game. I Don’t like dat. That just it looks like a larger thunderhead. I don’t like dat.. (I like the TH… but I already painted one). I do like… uh… I guess I like dat it comes with a wreck marker. (even if it’s just card stock). Pass.

    • oldsalt

      resin not resign –dumb auto correct

      • metalsifter

        The only parts you should have to pin are the arms and legs, maybe the large cannons too. So that’s about 12 holes to drill for 6 pins.

        • oldsalt

          I’ve had bad luck with resin adhering to metal, and with PP plastics in general with only superglue (or sandwiching) – It doesn’t melt a bond like most hobby plastics with plastic glues.

      • I had to read ‘dat’ four times and you’re irritated that auto correct changed ‘resin’ on you? LOL!

        • oldsalt

          WEll I taught my computer “dat.”
          and “dis” and Dakka Dakka. (though it still sees it as a double word)

        • cama


  • warpcrafter

    At first, I got into War Machine because it was a small-skirmish game, an alternative to Warhammer 40,000, which was starting to become a company level battle game. Then they started adding loads of crap and reasons to play big battles without streamlining the system. Now they introduce their equivalent of a freaking Titan. You’re gonna need a second gaming table just for all of the damn cards, and the spare tokens and other paraphernalia. No thanks. I’m off to build a Dark Age Apocalypse warband, which will probably cost the same as this one model.

    • metalsifter

      Warmahordes is still a skirmish level game OR it can be a large scale game.

      The choice is yours to make, that’s what is so great about the game.

    • Repeter

      You will not be disappointed–DA is one of my favorite games.

  • I don’t think $135 is out of line for what you’re getting here. I also don’t mind PP getting into bigger models. I think GW and Forge World have obviously shown that the market is there, and kudos to them for trying to capitalize on it. It doesn’t hurt that the model looks very nice as well.

    Some might claim that heading this way is going to ruin Warmahordes but I think PP has also shown a stronger commitment to game balance than certain other companies I can think of. In other words, if this is a ‘rock’, then there’s several ways to throw ‘paper’ out there.

    • Speaking of Hordes, I’m dying to see what eventually comes to them from this.

    • Zaxon

      Perhaps, but if that ‘paper’ also costs $135, that is a problem.

      The quality of the model looks great, and in line with what Privateer Press has always produced. It is concerning that they have gone the route of expensive showpiece models, since many players cannot afford a $135 model, particularly in the current economy, but it was more or less inevitable since Colossals date back to the original IK RPG (before there was a tabletop game set in the IK).

  • I may be wrong, but wouldn’t it have been more economical to make this “miniature” as a traditional plastic model (like a car or airplane or Gundam robot model) or even as an action figure? I found the Coleman Stryker action figure on Amazon for $13 and it’s very detailed and comes pre-painted. Even the collectable superhero statues often cost much less. Is it the resin and metal construction that’s jacking up the cost?

    • note: I wasn’t intending to be disrespectful when I said “miniature”. It’s an excellent sculpt, but on a 120mm base it’s obviously not mini…

    • thetang22

      It’s not the resin and metal that’s jacking up the price, Privateer Press is responsible for that 🙂

      In all honesty, the alternatives you are talking about are probably feasible…maybe not to 100% quality…but I’m sure they could make good looking stuff for very cheap like the examples you are providing.

      The Coleman Striker action figure cost $13, this Colossus costs $135. The catch: they probably aren’t so ridiculously different in production cost…yet because the action figure is a “toy” made out of plastic, and the colossus is a “miniature” made out of metal/resin, PP gets to set the price differently. The toy market doesn’t typically support action figures that cost $135 new, but the market for miniatures has been driven up by the companies so that we feel like it isn’t that outlandish of a price.

      • JRacel


        Sorry, but your concept, while seeming logical, is flawed. Teh main cost here is the investment to produce the various metal molds needed for a plastic casting process like is used for making model kits. The initial outlay for production molds can easily run $50K to $100K depending on size and complexity. Some of these costs are dropping, but that is a lot of money versus the costs for the molds needed for resin production. You have very few small companies that can afford this kind of production, with mainly only the big boys like GW being able to do this. A few smaller companies are trying today to do plastic, but its very new and very hard to get started. Plastic model kits that you see so cheap, like Gundam, make their money back in volume sales. You never have this kind of volume in the minuatures market as you do for toy models and such. Keeping all this in mind, it is not PP chraging unreasonable prices that makes this so expensive, it’s the only economical way they can produce the models without needing to make an investment in production costs that tehy cannot afford for such a limited model. Hopefully this helps you have a better understanding.

        • thetang22

          Ok…I’ll bite back: Your reply is flawed as well then. I’ll explain – lets use the Coleman Striker action figure as a comparison:

          Why is it so cheap? If the figure is plastic, then it requires the expensive mold making process, as you suggest. The justification of selling “volume” does not apply in this case…as you are selling a specialized product in an already specialized market….meaning your audience is probably going to be considerably smaller than the standard fans of Privateer Press miniatures.
          If the action figure is made out of resin, then yet again….why is IT so cheap, and all other resin figures in the miniature hobby are so expensive in comparison? (again….selling volume isn’t a valid response for this particular product)

          • JRacel

            The difference is in the type of plastic and molds that are needed. Most toys are made out of soft plastic that lack hard edges and fine details. The molds needed for soft plastic are magnitudes cheaper than those needed to manufacture “hard” plastic, high detail parts and models like you need for high end model kits. The various plastic types drive the cost due to different production needs. Keep in mind also that the metal molds for hard plastic last a VERY long time before they wear out. This is one of the reasons you might see the same model kit done by multiple companies since the molds are often sold when the kit is less desirable or when a company goes out of business. The sales of hard plastic molds is done because they are so expensive to make and because they last so long.

            I hope that makes sense and I should have pointed out earlier that the plastic type maters a great deal, but I was not sure what the figure was you mentioned and had to look it up when I got home from the office to respond. Previously I was focused on the Gundam comment. Just a big different between high quality hard plastic and soft plastic toys. Night.

          • The action figure was done by a 3rd party manufacturer Southern Island Toys. While Stryker was a unique model they can get cost savings in the over all volume of production. They also made their figures in China. Also the action figure is not a good example of a successful business move as Southern Island Toys is out of business. The Colossals are made by hand in the U.S.A. by Privateer Staff who also get medical and dental benefits.

  • It’s probably the FA: 1 or 2 that’s jacking (no pun intended-well, maybe it is intended) the price up.

  • KelRiever

    Well, like I said. Given the never gonna stop increase in size, I’m just making a costume of a warjack. The plan is to show up at a convention, jump on a tournament table, and stomp all over the minis there. 😀

    • elril

      Now that is funny, legendary Karchev!

  • Nosaj Verush

    I think this is a great model. The problem is, I own it already! It looks just like the Thunderhead, but is bigger. I wish they had made it more distinct.

    • oldsalt

      Yeah that’s probably my biggest problem with it. And all of the new releases recently. Another Nemo! ugh. I love nemo. he’s my favorite caster and the reason i bought cygrnar. But I’ve painted him 3 times already! Just give me a new caster whose expanded his technology. The colossal would look exactly like TH if you replaced the cannon’s with coils. Give it 4 arms/legs or something at least.