Privateer Press Previews New Warmachine/Hordes Starter Boxes

By Polar_Bear
In Hordes
Apr 19th, 2016

So there was that thing not too long ago about a new edition of Warmachine and Hordes coming out. I’m guessing you might’ve seen something about it. 😛
Well, along with the new edition will be coming new starter boxes for each of the factions. These photos were on the little preview page, but you might’ve missed ’em. And since that page isn’t the easiest to get to, they’re now on the standard Privateer Press home page, as well as here.

As you can see, it’s more than just a few starter figures. You also get a terrain mat, a quick-start rules book, and a faction guide. All of the warcasters and warlocks in the box are also new (no word on if they’ll be available separately that I could find at the moment, but I would guess they would be eventually).


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  • Tam Song

    Are the WM/H rules compatible? Could Circle square off against Khador? I think my gaming group might be interested, but in different factions from the two games.

    • dootdootbeep

      Yes, they are. The Warjacks and Beasts are handled differently but the rest of the rules are pretty much the same.

      • Tam Song


    • odinsgrandson

      100% Yes. For all intents and purposes, they are the same game and are balanced against one another. In fact,special rules will often account for how they effect things in the other game.

      The game focuses on a powerful spellcaster/general who leads your forces into battle. If you choose a Warmachine faction, then your boss is a warcaster who distributes power to his steam powered Warjacks. If you choose a Hordes faction, then you get a Warlock who siphons primal power off of his ferocious Warbeasts.

      If you go to a “Warmachine Tournament” with a Hordes faction, you’ll fit right in (as about half the people there will be using Hordes factions).

      • Tam Song

        So does the upcoming iteration of the rules combine both game-verses in a single volume, or would I need separate rulebooks?

        • There will be new versions of both Prime (for Warmachine) and Primal (for Hordes). There might be a few bits here that touch on the rules of “the other half,” but to really get all the info, you’d have to get both books.

          • Tam Song

            Ah… Thanks. Not keen on having to purchase 2 rule books for what essentially sounds like one game. Perhaps the included Quick Start and Faction booklets will be sufficient.

          • Well, if you get one of the Warmachine and one of the Hordes quick start rules sheets, you should get most of it. While they’re compatible, there are actually a lot of differences between how Focus (in Warmachine) works versus Fury (in Hordes) does. So while, yeah, you’ve gotta pick up two rulebooks, if the various and sundry rules were all in one book, it would be quite a weighty tome and probably at a higher price point than PP would want to market their book at.

          • odinsgrandson

            The rulebooks will be online for free (from the announcement).

            PP’s Quick Start rules have always included everything about Warjacks and Warbeasts. That’ll include all of the differences between the two ‘games.’

            You’ll still want to get one of the proper books for the full rules on units and such- but those rules are exactly the same between the two books.

          • Tam Song

            Thank you very much. Sounds like the QS booklets will do for introductory and pick-up demo games. Allow us to ‘test the waters’ so to speak. Might be a good time to pre-order from TheWarstore.

          • crazytuco

            I’m not sure this is accurate. On PP’s forums one of the Privateer staff stated that the full rules covering both Hordes and Warmachine would be in both Prime and Primal, I believe. The main differences between Prime and Primal is which half of Immoren the background material is focused on. I’ll see if I can find a link to the post later. I’m at work right now.

          • crazytuco