Privateer Press previews new plastic Pyre Troll

By Polar_Bear
In Hordes
Aug 21st, 2012

Privateer Press posted pictures of a preview of the new plastic Pyre Trolls for Prollbloods… I mean, Trollbloods.

From the preview:

The fearsome pyre trolls are able to belch gouts of combustible liquid that ignites in the air, sticks to flesh, and burns at hellish temperatures. After softening foes with blazing spittle, pyre trolls use their thick claws to tear apart their sizzling victims. Even their skin exudes heat, the air around them smoldering with ripples that warn of the inferno to come.

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  • wickerman

    While that is a fine looking model (though I prefer the original) I must know why there is no complaints about the pricing. As war gamers we are a vocal lot and I don’t see how PP gets to release plastic versions of metal kits at the same price and gets a by on textual retaliation or complaint? This actually looks like one of the better plastic kits, in general I don’t find them as “warmachiney” as the original metals.

    • ater daeus

      There’s not as much rage because almost all of the plastic re-sculpts have been cheaper. The re-boxing of the same minis (6 man to 10 man for example) have been cheaper. When has GW done that? Looking at you finecast.

      Privateer hasn’t done a price hike in awhile (surprised about that actually) and the metal one was indeed under priced when you saw how much metal there was.

      In a world of Finecast, one model for PIP going up is not a big deal.

  • GreenJello

    This appears to actually be a price increase. ($16->$20) Looking at the original’s price of $16, and comparing it to some of the other models, I suspect that the metal version was underpriced, most likely because it was released a long time ago (during Primal), and PP doesn’t do price increases.

    GW usually gets holy hell for their price increases because it’s the same model, and the price increases don’t trace with anything but increasing corporate profits. PP on the other hand appears to have been taking a bit of a loss on this one for a while, still have the original model, at the original price, and are releasing a new product with a modest price increase.

    tl; dr: PP’s not as greedy as GW, so no outrage.

  • metalsifter

    Something that gamers frequently misunderstand is that plastic does not always mean cheaper since the manufacturing and machinery costs are more than metal.

    What plastic means is more “stability” in pricing. Plastic won’t increase in cost every year due to rising metal costs.

    GW raises prices on their plastics because that’s their way, and they can and have gotten away with it for over a decade.

    This guy is also only one model, not a unit like many plastic kits are so it would be more expensive than a unit in plastic.