Privateer Press Previews June Releases

Not all of Privateer’s announcements lately have been received well. But, here’s one I think most people will have a positive take on. They’re showing off their June releases. If you’re a fan of elves (the techy kind, anyway), you’ll want to check out what’s in store.

From the announcement:

Forces of WARMACHINE: Retribution of Scyrah Command provides the foundation every Retribution of Scyrah player needs. It features a complete listing of all current warcasters and warjacks released to date, as well as two new warcasters, three new solos, and a selection of core units and solos from the Faction.

Elara is one of the Retribution’s most skilled killers. She has refined her arcane abilities to suit the ancient traditions of the goddess, Lyliss, patron of assassins, and treats each death she inflicts as a tribute. Elara has mastered the essence of shadow, stepping through one to emerge from another, blades flashing in anticipation of the kill. Though she once considered herself a weapon best deployed on her own, she has learned to fight in perfect concert with her forces, bestowing her powers to quicken their actions and guide them toward the kill.

The swordsmen of House Ellowuyr practice a unique traditional discipline of fighting that utilizes perfectly balanced blades and fluid movements. Employing great sweeping motions they can cleave an opponent in two and continue to the next without losing momentum, while also being able to quickly maneuver to deflect incoming projectiles with the flat of their blades. They fight at the request of Thyron, Sword of Truth, who offered the Retribution the aid of those heroic swordsmen most loyal to him

The Nyss ryssovas were once proud defenders of the winding mountain passes of the Shard Spires. Having lost their sense of purpose after so many of their order were corrupted by Everblight, the remaining ryssovas relocated to Ios alongside their fellow refugees, where their frozen god is protected. They do not hesitate to join the Retribution of Scyrah in battle, seeing this as part of their sacred responsibility.

Designed for Issyria’s exclusive use and fitted with experimental technology that includes a cutting-edge arc node, Hemera magnifies the warcaster’s arcane abilities. The myrmidon wades into the thick of combat to take Issyria’s place, allowing her to guide the flow of combat more effectively without putting herself in harm’s way.

The trio known as the Spears of Scyrah count among the most fanatical mage hunters in the Retribution. Worshiping Scyrah in her guise as Avenger of the Vanished, they aspire to appease the goddess by striking down those who have caused harm to the lost Iosan gods. The Spears have had many members over the centuries, starting from the first years of the Retribution’s existence, and all have accepted their mortality to serve without fear of death.

House Shyeel is best known for its feats of ingenuity in the engineering and production of myrmidons. Unlike other arcane mechanics in the service of the Retribution, Shyeel arcanists are equipped to wade into battle to return impaired myrmidons to the fight. These arcanists train to master both the arcane arts and the practical skills necessary to repair the damaged mechanisms of a myrmidon under fire, manipulating kinetic force for both offense and defense.

Fane Knight Guardians swear oaths to protect Scyrah, her fane, and her priesthood. These knights served the ailing goddess well before the Retribution came to prominence and have joined the cause to see the goddess and the Iosan people restored. These guardians regard several of the most pious warcasters of the Retribution as champions of Scyrah, defending them as if they were extensions of the goddess. While formidable protectors, it is their devotion that lends to their tenacity and gives them strength to fight against overwhelming enemy force.

Through years of spiritual introspection and study, the dedicated priests of Nyssor learn to bend the elements of winter to their will. Reassured that their god Nyssor is safe and well defended, the priests have hastened to Ios to stand against those who would threaten the frozen god. No strangers to combat, these priests now take to the fight, drawing upon their mastery over winter so that they may aid their allies in the Retribution.

Aelyth Vyr is one of the most distinguished ryssovass ever to have watched over the mountain passes of the Shard Spires. He is the embodiment of the ryssovass tradition—a steadfast defender of his people and a merciless killer bent on ending the lives of those blighted Nyss who have forsaken their duties. With the recovery of Nyssor, Aelyth has found new purpose in overseeing and guiding the ryssovass who have flocked to Ios in aid of the Retribution.

The warcaster once known as Goreshade was an eldritch, one of a strain of abominations who fed on the spiritual essence of others and consorted with the Nightmare Empire of Cryx. Now, Lord Ghyrrshyld has been restored by the goddess Scyrah and is filled with renewed purpose. While Ghyrrshyld does not speak of what happened to restore his body, he now fights against those who imperil Scyrah, and many speak of him as being filled with the goddess’ light.

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    They changed Goreshade into Ghyrrshyld… how much more like Games Workshop could they get at this point?

    • DB

      In fairness, they changed him back into Ghyrrshyld (presumably by stealing his vowels).

      Redemption stories are okay, and sure, you can always say that he was corrupted at some point and no longer in control of himself, but up to what point?

      Not that I read the fiction or even care too much about the fluff, but seriously…

      • Yeah, this is a case of “he was an Elf once, then he went and turned all undead-vampire-elf and now he’s back to being an Elf again. PP (at least back when I played) had a very strong stance that they would never kill off a character that had a mini in the game. They felt that if the character died in the fluff, then people wouldn’t want to play them anymore (I think Steamforged is proving that’s very much not the case. That fluff is like Game of Thrones – Sportsball Edition). So, instead of being able to kill characters off, they change sides. This is one of those times. I expect to see a Cryx version of Karchev at some point, since the last time I read the fluff about him (which, mind you, was quite a while ago at this point, so I don’t know what’s happened to him since) he was stolen away by Deneghra or something. And Cygnar had a guy go over to Cryx. And Caine has sort of gone Mercenary.

        So, just sort of stuff like that. I’m not “upset” about this change to Goreshade by any stretch. It sometimes seems out of place (apparently, in this case, “A goddess did it”), but I’ve never been much of a fluff-reader, anyway. I play the games for the mechanics and the models. The fluff is, at best, tertiary to me.

        • DB

          I wasn’t aware of their “don’t kill off characters” rule. Suddenly, I don’t feel so bad for ignoring their fluff and just reading the rules.

          Plot armor is awesome!

          • I know that was something they talked about back in the day. I don’t know if that policy has changed, mind you. I guess we’ll know if someone chimes in with, “Well, they did kill of (named character with a miniature here).” I think the “biggest name” they killed off would be Voyle, the former leader of the Protectorate. But he never had a miniature in the game (it would’ve been ridiculo-overpowered, anyway, even by PP standards).

          • It’s super lame if you do like the fluff, because there are never, ever, ever any stakes whatsoever.

        • PRAY FOR MOJO

          I’m not upset about anything in this release. The one mildly annoying thing is that all of the unpainted preview images are renders.

          I remember when the original Page 5 boasted about metal miniatures, and said I should go play something else if I wanted plastic. They’ve really changed over the years.

          • Ghool

            You can still make metal minis with a render. They don’t do physical sculpts anymore.

          • I agree. My annoyance is that the 3D sculpts don’t take the real world into account. Tiny contact points!

        • PP is frustrating about killing off characters. Spoiler: Karchev got rescued, and somehow nobody died. It was awful and eye-rolling.

          Goreshade’s redemption is much more interesting if you’re a fan of the setting, and ties into the central mysteries for the Elves.. so I can totally see why it’s lame as hell if you don’t follow the setting.


        I went back to the first rulebook with Goreshade, and that silly name was there the whole time, repeated over and over again. I thought they came up with that part of his backstory later. That shows how much fluff I read.

    • It’s actually a much more interesting story than it seems. Goreshade’s “evil plans” as a Cryx caster always tie into some of the biggest mysteries and most interesting plots for the setting. He was always convinced he could save the elves, but it seemed like his plan (kill the remaining Elven gods) was close to correct, but ultimately wrong. Turns out he was right.

      I think it’s a really really awesome move.

  • Dear Goreshade,

    I’m sorry for killing your minions in the d20 RPG. I thought you were wrong and you’d doom us all. I guess you were right. Please accept my apologies.

    -Lyros, 12th Level Elf Wizard