Privateer Press previews Judicator

Privateer Press showed this guy off at GenCon, but now they’ve got the official preview up of the Protectorate’s Colossal, the Judicator.

From the update:

The Judicator channels Menoth’s wrath by delivering the punishment of fire unto heathens. It can unleash withering barrages of rockets while bathing the unfaithful in great gouts of holy flame. Its cortex is linked to a blessed reliquary containing the interred remains of an honored priest whose essence serves as a reservoir for divine energies, filling the machine with spiritual power and enabling it to fight unrelentingly in the name of the Creator.

  • Awesome, but they’re pulling a GW and putting themselves right out of my price range.

    • keltheos

      How so? You can always save up for one or instead of buying two units of whatever buy this instead. It isn’t a ‘standard’ model so you also don’t need it in any way shape or form.

      • Mananarepublic

        Wow…next time someone complains about gw prices I will use this argument…


        • Toyznthehood

          My favourite line about pricing was on here a couple of months ago. Every time you complain about something being too expensive you should have to add for me at the end.

          These things are the gaming equivalent of Ferraris and while we all want them not all of us can have them.

          • metalsifter

            Something else many gamers either forget or won’t acknowledge is that you don’t even have to have a Colossal in your force even if you are fighting a Colossal. It’s optional and not at all a game-breaker unit.

            With GW many units are mandatory forcing you to buy “X” amount of product just to have a usable army. When your opponent takes something like a FW Titan or Super-Heavy you pretty much have to as well just to give yourself a fighting chance at winning.

            Colossals aren’t the “super units” everyone was worried they would be.

          • Technically he did say that:

            “putting themselves right out of my price range.”

  • Marauder

    About how many points are the colossals? I hope a lot, cause that’s quite the price tag. Not unreasonable if you play regularly, but a bit much if you are just casual.


  • Polar_Bear

    Colossals are like 18-20 points or so. A “standard” size game of Warmachine is either 35 or 50 points. So these things take up roughly 50% of an army all in one model.

    • Marauder

      That’s not a bad $$/pt ratio then.

  • DumDrum

    The big models are a crazy price point. Not value for the money, in my world.

    • mathieu

      Not value for the money, in my world.

      Not anything new really, as the trooper models their $/pt ratio is compared to are already very expensive for what you get 🙂

      That said I quite like the overall esthetics of that Judicator. The exhaust are very over the top, but it’s rather well done. The only thing is that, to me, the design looks even more top heavy than the other Colossals. In the side view, it really looks like the model isn’t doing anything very dynamic and yet it has to have its right foot back in order to not fall backwards due to the weight of the furnace/pipes.

      • Mananarepublic

        I agree mathieu – on a $/model basis they are super expensive, but the game “gets away” with it because the investment is less to start playing and less to reach the 50 pt level (at least compared to gw 1500/1850 level)


        • Veritas

          At least until people start wanting to play Unbound. A full Unbound army costs about the same as my mortgage payments. (Which is to say comparable to a 2000pt. GW army.) I’m just hoping PP doesn’t start trying to shove Unbound on us. I am leary though as the Colossals book is pretty much an Unbound rule book rather than a Warmachine expansion IMO.

  • I like it, kinda makes me think of a landmate, the chest guns look like master arms.