Privateer Press Previews January Releases For Warmachine and Hordes

Here in the northern hemisphere, it gets pretty cold in January. Even in many of the regularly-warm sections of the place, it can get kinda cold. Thankfully, Privateer Press is bringing some warmth to your tabletops with a bunch of Protectorate of Menoth releases (there’s also a Retribution and Skorne release scheduled, too).

Starting out, we’ve got the new Protectorate of Menoth Command book. That’ll get you info on a bunch of Protectorate models in their MkIII rules form. You’ll also get new mini rules. Like who? Like the latest form of Feora. She’s got herself a horse now. There’s also Sovereign Tristan Durant, who has risen from the ranks of Journeyman to become a full-fledged warcaster. Then there’s Eye of Truth, the personal warjack of Malekus, the Burning Truth. Such things will require big weapons to take on. Big weapons like Helios/Hyperion, the new Colossal kit for Retribution. Skorne is also getting their Desert Hydra.

2017 should be an interesting month for Warmachine and Hordes.

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  • Greg Osborn

    The Feora model is absolutely gorgeous.

  • Davos Seaworth

    It feels like PP is upping their game a bit when it comes to sculpt quality. I feel like there’s a real positive difference even when compared with stuff released two years ago. I don’t know how the prices have gone, but the quality is looking up.