Privateer Press previews Hypnos Heavy Myrmidon

By Polar_Bear
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Mar 1st, 2012
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Privateer Press reveals the Hypnos Heavy Myrmidon on their website.

From the announcement:

Hypnos, a myrmidon of the most exacting construction, is of the creation of Lord Arcanist Ossyan’s own labors. The lord arcanist has forged an insoluble connection with Hypnos, allowing it to draw energy from Ossyan and become an extension of his abilities. In his presence the myrmidon’s phase gun is imbued with synchronized energy; those struck by it become nonconductive to mystical channeling, thwarting the use of arc nodes as well as the delicate synergy between warbeast and warlock. Once it closes upon an enemy warjack, Hypnos pounds it with fists armed with specially-designed force projectors. Even a glancing blow from these weapons can stagger a warjack as its cortex signals overload, causing it to seize up and become helpless.

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  • CaffeineBoy

    Git yer pointy-codpieced gundam elves off my soot-smeared, steam-powered lawn!

    I like the mitten-mages well enough and the angry/psycho wizard hunters, but my biggest problem with Privateer’s setting is that I have to pretend that myrmidons don’t exist.