Privateer Press previews 2 new solos for Warmachine

Privateer Press gives us a look at two new solos coming out for Warmachine: The Iron Fang Kovnik and the Stormblade Infantry Captain.

  • jmw23

    Those should pads are pretty big. I guess. They could be bigger though.

    • KelRiever


      They aren’t big enough until you can’t see the figure underneath!

  • Haibane

    Nopes, they aren’t big enough until you can’t see the colossal standing behind them.

  • mathieu

    I guess I reached the point where the size of the shoulder pads doesn’t bother me until it reaches XXXL, so these guys are ok. Almost flimsy-looking, even.

    What blows my mind is how blunt they manage to make a sword look like by keeping on adding stuff to it…

    • scottjm

      When your sword is that big, there’s no point even putting an edge on it as it’s essentially a club/mace at that point. I don’t see an enormous sheath for that thing, so I’m assuming he just drags it around on the ground.

    • Gailbraithe

      That’s not a sword, it’s a stormblade. It’s basically a hand-held tesla coil that generates a lightning bolt. The basic model looks like a sword, and is wielded kind of like one, because the guys who originally carried them were recruited from Cygnar’s legions of Knights (aka Sword Knights).

      This model is carrying a very advanced design of the stormblade, and by this point in the weapons development the only sword like quality it still retains is its silhouette.

      • mathieu

        This is a convenient explanation to explain poor sculpts, but there really isn’t anything to back it up in the actual background of the game. Storm glaives are not meant to look like swords just for the sake of tradition, they are swords and are wielded like swords.
        The tesla coils does not have an effect on the melee damage of these weapons, they “just” are the added ranged weapon included in the sword.

        That being said, yes I am familiar with the chunky glaives of the existing stormblades. I just assumed they’d do a better job on a solo model, but this one looks worse to me.

        • Soulfinger

          That’s funny. I thought Gailbraithe was being sarcastic with a made-up description.

  • keltheos

    Are you guys not familiar with the Stormblade Infantry already? Their blades all look chunky wide and dull.

  • GrimDog

    It’s 2013 and we are still complaining about PP shoulder pads ?

    • Soulfinger

      It’s 2013 and I’m still complaining about the shoulder pads from the 1990’s. These guys look like they are auditioning for lead roles in Designing Women. Whoever sculpts these guys probably mistook this photo of Grace Jones for an anatomical shoulder reference, in which case, nailed it!