Privateer Press posts up Level 7: The Movie

Privateer Press has made a short film about their upcoming Level 7 world.

BELLEVUE, WA, June 15, 2012 – Matthew D. Wilson has debuted [WELCOME TO] LEVEL 7, a short film that introduces the sinister world of LEVEL 7 which
will be explored through various media, including games from Privateer

Written and directed by Wilson, [WELCOME TO] LEVEL 7 takes viewers on a
terrifying eight-minute thrill-ride into the bowels of a secret
government-run underground facility where humans work side-by-side with
extraterrestrials in an effort to forward a mysterious agenda.

The short film follows John, an unsuspecting abductee, who awakens in this
hostile techno-dungeon with no sense of where he is or how to get away. As
John flees for his life through the perilous labyrinth of horrors, we come
face-to-face with the inhuman denizens that stalk the shadows and gain an
unwelcome glimpse into the dark purpose of this forsaken place.

LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] is the first game from Privateer Press set in the world
introduced by the film. One to four players take the role of fleeing test
subjects who must work together—or use each other—to find their way out of
the facility with their lives. LEVEL 7 [ESCAPE] releases August 2012.

  • Grim6

    Kind of underwhelming. The rubber suit aliens were very… meh.

    • metalsifter

      What did you expect? Gladiator? LOTR? Troy?

      it was a short teaser trailer for a board game. At least it was better than Ultramarine.

      • Grim6

        Yes, it was better than having a dog barf on my shoe. I will grant you that.

        As to what I expected, I expected something to get me excited about the game. Matt Wilson has been talking this up. A lot. Law of expectations is in effect. I think I would have preferred a more typical semi-animated game trailer that shows off the game components and art.

        1st, the game debuts with no minis. From a mini game company.

        Next, Matt tells us how good this movie will be, and we get a simple rubber suit treatment. I was at least expecting to see maybe even a hint of some of the other “horrors” in Level 7. For the aliens in this short, I think it’s a case where less would have been better.

        • odinsgrandson

          Well, I guess this was about as good as I expected it to be. Mind, handing over a film project to a bunch of people who don’t have any background in film, and giving them a small budget will do that.

          Maybe I’ve had my expectations lowered by every other gaming project turned to film (D&D and Mutant Chronicles, for example).

          Yeah, I can’t think of one that was honestly good yet. Maybe if Tim Burton actually makes Monsterpocalypse?

        • Borzag

          1st, the game debuts with no minis. From a mini game company.

          Um… what?

          PP are NOT a mini games company. They’re a game company, and their best seller is a mini game. That’s the connection. We don’t call GW just a Marine supplier (well, not to their faces).

          I think the vid was a good one… like I mentioned on another forum, given that this game is supposed to be sci-fi horror, we really should get the feel that there’s an untold story, and a creepy background. On that note, the movie succeeded.

  • cannondaddy

    Does it seem like TGN is a day behind on news lately?

    • Grim6

      Yes, a little disappointed lately. A week ago or so, I submitted news about Sedition Wars making a solo campaign and having a new figure as an homage to Ripley and Newt (from Aliens…), and it was never posted.

      As fast as that campaign is moving, it was quickly old news. I tried posting links in a subsequent story to show people about it (frankly, I think the solo campaign is a pretty significant development for the game), but it marked as moderated, and never posted, as far as I know.

  • Adokimus

    Not a good day for Tie Guy.

  • I found it pretty boring. Certainly didn’t do anything to interest me in their game. Cinematography was decent to bad the rest of it was bland.

  • Blitz R

    While I didn’t expect too much (it is after all, only a teaser to help build interest), it showed a lot high production values and overall quality when compared to that cr@p that GW inflicted on the world called Ultramarine..

    • Borzag

      Could’ve been worse. Could’ve been Twilight.

      I liked it. Yes the effects and story were cheesy, but given that it’s made with a gaming company’s budget I’d say it was better than what we’ve seen before (take a look at GW’s latest “trailer”. It definitely gave a feel to the as-yet-unseen game and world, so there I think it did its job.

      • Blitz R

        True, it could have been as horrid as Twilight.

        As I said, I was never expecting much from the trailer, but I still thought it did a good job of settting up the atmosphere for this game. To my mind that is all it was meant for. I would like to see PP do another vid showing how the game actually plays, I think this is what most folks really want to see…the nuts and bolts of this game.

        Having played a lot of PP’s games (I’m a HUGE Warmachine and Hordes player, but I also quite enjoy the ‘bodgers’ games) I am keen to see how Level 7 plays out. I understand a lot of people’s first reaction is “no mini’s, WTF!” but PP have a proven track record of building solid games that play great, I don’t expect anything less from Level 7.

        As always, the proof will be in the playing.

  • Durandal

    It was a bit cheesy, sure. But it is a lot more effective at grabbing one’s attention than the last couple of teasers GW has put up (seriously, the 6th Edition teaser is kind of sad).

    It gives a Dark•Matter sort of feel. It would be nice to see a modern horror setting that shares more with X-files and the SCP wiki than it does with more generic movie monsters ala WoD. If it ends up getting a small skirmish wargame ala Malifaux or even something along the lines of Space Hulk then I may pick it up. Though the first game coming out for it doesn’t quite sound like my bag I will look for reviews on it to see if it is worthy as a games night purchase.

  • 1voice2many

    ARE YOU GUYS ALL HIGH!?! That was awesome! I am SO gettin’ back in to Warmachine now!

  • mathieu

    I found it pretty bad. The acting is terrible, the effects are lousy, and it rehashes so many existing cliches that it certainly did nothing to make me want to know what happens next or figure out what the game is about. Matt Wilson did indeed talk this thing up a lot, did make me expect something a little better than a poorly done short.

    And he has nothing to do with unreasonable expectations from regular folks. I watch just about every amateur short I stumble upon, and this is definitely in the very low quality end of things…

  • PanzerKraken

    Yea that is pretty cheesy. What is with the GW comparisons? Making this some kind of competition of who can make something suckier now?

  • WyvernX86

    It seems like the writer thought ‘What’s more frightening then being abducted by the government? I know being abducted by aliens! Now what’s more frightening than that? I know being abducted by the government THEN abducted by aliens! Genius!’.

    And what’s up with the plastic bags? Couldn’t the budget afford zip ties to bind the abductees? When I saw the opening show I was wondering what is stopping the people from just ripping their way out. Answer, nothing at all.

  • tuco

    I could put up with the low-budget special effects, the really crappy “acting,” and even the not-so-awesome story, but if the guy could rip his way out of the plastic bag after they drop him off in that hallway, why couldn’t he rip his way out of it earlier? Or any of the other people in the bags? Just dumb.

    Mr. Wilson, check your email spam folder. There’s likely a message in there from the Director of Programming over at SyFy letting you know that, while they’re not interested at this time, keep up the good work and maybe some day you’ll get called up to the big leagues.