Privateer Press posts up GenCon exclusive models

By Polar_Bear
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Aug 14th, 2012

Privateer Press is ready for GenCon (just like the rest of us) and have a pair of Con-exclusive models they’re showing off.

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  • These are so cool…I hate con exlusive models.

  • GhedJennar

    Love the models, Con exclusives suck.

  • arcturus

    Love the Shirow homage man-o-war, and the druid is really nice as well. I hope they also bring these to PAX!

  • GreenJello

    They’re released the Kilt Lifter exclusive in the PP online store, so hopefully this will get released as well at some date. Seems a shame to have such wonderful figs only available to con goers.

  • Sure, but where’re the hunky men?

  • cybogoblin

    PP have just announced that you’ll be able to buy these models online over the weekend as well. (Though you might have to wait for them to get back to PPHQ before they send them.)

    I’m guessing that they’ll become full-time exclusives early next year, once the Con season is well and truly done.

  • KelRiever

    They are very fun minis. I don’t think their game is so amazing. But when it comes to certain miniatures, especially when we are talking just goofy fun, then they have some good ones.

  • Thankfully, neither of these are a faction I play, and so my determination to buy is less. I have enough to spend money on at Gen Con as it is.