Privateer Press posts Throne of Everblight Assembly Guide

By TGN Ross
In News
Jan 17th, 2012

Privateer Press posts an assembly guide for the Legion of Everblight Battle Engine, Throne of Everblight.

From the article:

Start by examining the contents. Lay out the parts and clean up the flash and mold lines. The Throne of Everblight is divided fairly evenly between large resin parts and smaller white metal pieces. Cleaning the metal parts is easily done with clippers, a hobby knife, and a file set. Use the clippers to remove large pieces of flash and the knife and files to smooth out the mold lines.

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  • That’s really cool looking!

  • mathieu

    The more we get to see out-of-the-box Hordes BEs, the more it looks like PP finally managed to get decent details and clean castings on their resin models. It’s unfortunate and frustrating that it took them that long (the WM BEs are appalling in both respects despite being as expensive as FW models), but in a way that makes these new models even cooler looking.