Privateer Press Posts Rules For The Undercity

The Iron Kingdoms are full of things that go “bump” in the night. There’s all sorts of creepy-crawlies, specters, ghosts, goblins (ok, so maybe IK goblins aren’t that scary, but still, they’re there), and all manner of whatnots ready to come and get you. Such a group of terrifying entities has infiltrated the system of tunnels and sewers beneath Corvis. It’s up to you and your fellow adventurers to get it out in Privateer Press’ upcoming game, The Undercity, the rules for which they have posted online for you to peruse.

The Undercity is a cooperative adventure board game for 2-4 players. Through a system of linked missions, it is your duty to clean the various tunnels beneath the city. The going won’t be easy, as there are some pretty nasty baddies waiting for you. Characters progress, gaining experience and equipment as they continue on. The game will be available in August, and I can all but guarantee you can at least try the game at Gen Con in a week.


  • Odinsgrandson

    Gencon is why we have so many August and September game releases.

    • I know it’s been keeping me busy over here on this side of the screen.

  • Odinsgrandson

    Ooh- the rulebook mentions that the minis all have facing indicators on their bases (and that they aren’t used in the Undercity).

    I hope that means that we’ll get bases like that for Warmachine. Facing lines really help in gameplay, but I almost never like the look of them when they’re painted on (the huge bases all have them sculpted on, and they look just fine).