Privateer Press Posts New Warmachine, Hordes Previews

We’re getting close to another set of releases for Warmachine and Hordes, so Privateer Press has posted up quite a few new minis that’ll be hitting tabletops in the next couple of weeks.

Quite a varied group there. You can check them out on the Privateer website.


  • Ghool

    Una the ‘SkyHunterer’?
    Please say that’s a typo…..

  • Jacob Semmes

    Is it me or is there modeling style becoming more and more cartoony than it used to be? I’m fairly disappointed in the Circle sculpts.


      You don’t like a werewolf with a six-pack?

      I wonder, is Loki supposed to completely smooth fur, or grey hairless skin?

      • DB

        He’s been manscaped. Or, rather, wolfmanscaped. The hot wax treatments are part of why he rages.

    • Ghool

      I think it’s always been hit-or-miss with PP. At least for me. There’s some models that are just gorgeous, and then others where you scratch your head and wonder how the model ended up like that through so many stages of design and feedback.

      Some of these models feel like the standard PP MO – the Legion beast model looks great, as do the gun mages.
      The rest? Meh to ‘Who thought that looked good?’

      • Jacob Semmes

        Probably the same way MkIII made it through several years of play-testing. I agree, some of their models are not aesthetically the same as others. And some models are straight up amazing.

        • Yeah, models making you go, “really?” aren’t anything new. I think the first time I remember a large group of people going, “so… that’s what you decided to go with?” were the Kayazy Assassins, and they’ve been out for what? Almost a decade now?

          • Davos Seaworth

            Also known as the “Karayzee” Assassins, just because it’s funny. 😉

          • I don’t know karate, but I know karazy!