Privateer Press posts follow-up to War Room announcement

Privateer Press has a follow-up announcement on War Room regarding the problems some users seem to be having with the program.

We have received your feedback that many of you are experiencing issues with the War Room app, particularly concerning some Android devices failing to launch the app, in-app purchase issues, and other functionality issues. We have asked TinkerHouse to look into these problems, and they have issued the following statement with respect to what these issues are and how they are being addressed.

  • GreenJello

    My advise to anybody thinking about buying this is DON’T.

    Tinkerhouse has shown repeatedly that they are not capable of delivering a professional product. I expect that these problems will persist for weeks if not months, and even then some features like list creation will not be fully supported.

    Save your money!

  • ogretyrant

    Works just fine on my Galaxy Tab.

  • arcturus

    A disappointingly rough launch, yet still I am all in favor of supporting companies who do embrace tablets and other technological aids. It was clearly a learning experience for both PP and THG, but hopefully they learn from the experience and are able to refine the product as time goes on.

    My main big complaint is that while it adds lots of fancy new features, it does not yet have feature parity for list building with the free app that was shut down when it was announced. It should have been priority 1 to ensure that they were not taking away capabilities from users and fancy, time consuming features like networked play could probably have waited for version 2.0.