Privateer Press P3 price increase and release delays

Privateer Press are increasing the price of their P3 paint range and will be delaying the release of some figures.

From their announcement:

Due to rising manufacturing and shipping costs Privateer Press will be increasing the MSRP on our Formula P3 paints from $3.00 to $3.50 MSRP effective March 1, 2010 (PIP 93019 through 93082). The upcoming price increase will not affect Formula P3 washes, inks, or the Formula P3 Faction Paint sets which will remain at their current MSRPs of $3.50 and $17.99 respectively. The new price for the Formula P3 Paint Rack (PIP 93010) will be $1008.00 MSRP. Even with the price increase, we believe our customers will find Formula P3 paints to remain the best in both value and quality available today.

In addition, due to overseas factories operating at over capacity in terms of production as well as shipping delays from overseas ports, Privateer Press will be pushing back the release of the following plastic kits: PIP 31070 Firefly Light Warjack, PIP 32059 Exemplar Cinerators, PIP 32068 Vigilant Light Warjack, and PIP 34070 Ripjaw Light Warjack. While we apologize for the setback, we are determined to ensure that these products meet our exceptional quality standards and therefore, have chosen not to rush them through production. New release dates will be announced as soon as it is available.