Privateer Press January Releases

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Oct 28th, 2011

Privateer Press announces January Releases:

From their announcement:

• PIP 32076 Protectorate of Menoth Nicia, Tear of Vengeance Character Solo (white metal) – $12.99
• PIP 34083 Cryx Iron Lich Overseer Solo (white metal) – TBD
• PIP 41085 Mercenary Rover/Nomad/Mule Heavy Warjack Plastic Kit (plastic) – $34.99
• PIP 41092 Mercenary Rocinante Heavy Warjack Character Upgrade Kit (white metal)- TBD

• PIP 73064 Legion of Everblight Throne of Everblight Battle Engine (white metal and resin) – $94.99
• PIP 73071 Legion of Everblight Raptors Cavalry Unit (repackaging) (white metal) – $89.99
• PIP 75038 Minion Bone Swarm Light Warbeast (white metal) – $18.99

No Quarter Magazine
• PIP NQ40 No Quarter Magazine #40 – $7.50

• PIP 99095 War Torn Alliances: Gnarls League Event Kit – TBD
• PIP 99096 War Torn Alliances: Gnarls League Reinforcement Kit – TBD

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  • cannondaddy

    Anybody got an extra $94.99 laying around?

  • Ghost

    Privateer Press link incorrectly goes to Dust Tactics FAQ

  • blkdymnd

    A $100 model in Warmahordes. Wow, good to know its still ‘Pay like you got a pair’ like its been evolving to over the last few years.

    • Veritas

      That’s pretty much the same price as a GW Ork Stompa for a model half the size. PP’s pricing is getting more and more out of control. I mean, I like the model and had planned on buying one for my Legion, but seeing as their my secondary army next to the Circle they’re going to have to lose out on their battle engine thanks to that pricing. Well, I’ll still probably get one, but I’ll wait for one to show up second hand on Bartertown. $95 for a model that size is just not happening when I’ll already be buying the Circle BE.

      • maxxev

        As much as I am a merc player so I don’t give a damn about battle engines.
        The GW comparison is a little off don’t you think. It may be half the size, but the GW one is made of plastic, mass produced and hollow.

        This thing is still spin cast, solid plastic / resin with metal parts and cast by a human…

        Yes it’s expensive but PP wanted to produce something big and this is the only manufacturing method they have available to them.

        If you don’t like the prices, don’t buy the figures, that’s what I always say.

        • mathieu

          PP must be so glad they mostly have folks completely oblivious to what quality resin models cost out there. The Battle Engines were finally getting the fine details that one should expect from a $80 model this size (the WM BE’s are severely under-detailed), time to jack up the price so it doesn’t get too reasonable…

          Well I hope they dedicate some of that price increase to finally getting some sort of quality control on their resin casting process.

      • odinsgrandson

        Well, if we compare them against Forge World resin kits, rather than GW plastic kits, they start looking more reasonable.

        Although, if you have to compare something against the crazy high prices of Forge World to look like a good deal, well…