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Sep 1st, 2015

Privateer Press recently posted the rules for both Warmachine and Hordes up on their website. You can now go and download them for free. That’s old news (that we reported on here). Well, they’re upping the ante, wanting to see all of you trying out the game and are willing to give away prizes to entice you to do so.

For the month of September, if you buy a battlegroup or the two-player starter from your LGS, e-mail Privateer with your name, address, and a photo of the receipt. You could end up winning an all-in-one army bundle. Also, your LGS has a chance of receiving a prize pack from Privateer Press as well.
If that wasn’t enough, if your LGS tweets their store’s name along with a photo of you buying your set, there’s an extra chance that they can win that prize pack.

So check out the rules for free online. Go pick up a starter set and you could end up getting quite a big faction bundle out of it and your store could get a prize pack as well.


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  • mathieu

    I really like the universe and the game, but spending money on an inferior plastic product to get more of their inferior plastic products isn’t terribly enticing to me. I’d definitely get in on this if you could enter by purchasing the metal/resin equivalent of a starter set, and have a chance to win one metal/resin model from the same army.

    • Drew Olds

      I guess you could get the old metal kits (I definitely recommend the Trollbloods one for that- those were some great troll sculpts).

      But that’s only if your LGS still has them- I doubt it.

      Personally, I don’t get what people hate so much about PP’s plastic kits. They’ve got good detail (check out the Warpwolf) and a number of them are indistinguishable from their metal counterparts when they’re finished (you have tp pick up a carnivean to know whch you’re looking at).

      I guess there’s a tiny amount of rounding of edges and sometimes some extra cleaning to do (not always) but I put work into prep on my metal minis as well.

      To each his own, I guess.

      (Oh, the new Warjack kit is in a harder plastic. I don’t know yet if it is ABT or Polystyrene, but either one would cast inorganics a little better than PVC).

      • Ghool

        It’s polystyrene.

        • Drew Olds


      • mathieu

        Good call on the old metal kits, but you are probably right about how hard it would be to find them.

        What I personally don’t like about PP plastics is the material. The sculpts are generally decent to quite good, but every single one I’ve had to clean was a nightmare. I don’t mind spending time cleaning mould lines on a miniature, I’ve been doing this long enough to understand that they are unavoidable… But spending over 2 painful hours on a light jack and not being anywhere close to done got very old very quick.

        PP said the new Deneghra kit was designed with the limitation of the material in mind (after 6 years? About time…). I’m eagerly looking forward to check it out.

        • Drew Olds

          I’ve done a lot of work with them- and I’m not sure if they got better over time or what, but some of the kits I’ve assembled haven’t required all that much cleaning (I got some especially clean Warpwolves- which is good since cleaning between those hairs would have been troublesome).

          But yes, I’ve also gotten some that required a lot. It’s a pain, I agree. I just don’t see it as a damning pain.

          I wonder about the Denegra kit. We know that a lot of the earlier kits were designed for metal, and just re-cast in plastic. I wonder how this will be different.