Privateer Press announces Warmachine: Vengeance

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 13th, 2013

Privateer Press has announced their next book for Warmachine. This one’s Vengeance.


From the preview:

The nations of Khador and Cygnar are still reeling from their defeat at the hands of Cryx’s armies within the Thornwood. Meanwhile, the Protectorate of Menoth’s Northern Crusade seizes the opportunity to push into Umbrey while the besieged elven nation of Ios struggles to repel the skorne invaders at their gates. For Cygnar, a chance to retake the initiative emerges when an unusual Cryxian column is discovered heading south. The newly promoted Lord General Coleman Stryker marches to intercept, unaware of the true danger that awaits him.

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  • oldsalt

    Yawn. I used to LOVE this game. But most of the new stuff seems really vanilla to me. The sculpts feel soft. Then add in the tourney/missions are abstract and undermine adding a narrative to the game. Leads me (after a 4 year hiatus) back to playing 40k again. Neither game is balanced at this point, but at least one seems cinematic and has nice real-plastic kits with options. Hope they get their crap back together in 3rd edition.

    • KelRiever

      I’m surprised, in that I wonder when you got into the game.

      Mind you, I agree with you. But I played Warmachine going back to 2003, and dropped it as a keep up with/tournament game something like 5 years later. Because of what you said. While I think 2nd edition improved the rules, it is not really any more or less entertaining as a game. I do play it occasionall, like once about every 3 months, with friends who love it, but it has had relatively the same goal and appeal for so long I’m wondering why the new add seems to have taken you by surprise?

      • oldsalt

        back in 2004 mk1. I agree they needed the rebalance of mk2– but I feel like the game is back pushing uber-combos harder than mk1. when’s the last time you saw winter guard without the UA and Joe? but really my problem with the game has less to do with balance and more to do with the hobby. PP sculpts (while better than before) seem to be falling behind the GW, infinity etc… both in design and esp in hobby options. (heck they don’t even feature alt paint schemes)

        • Ghool

          I have to completely agree with everything said here.

          I think the main reason they aren’t doing any alternate schemes is because they’re now down to a single studio painter (again) and they don’t like using freelancers unless it’s for NQ.

          The chance of policies regarding the use of freelance painters and alternate schemes is what’s tying their hands.

          Also, I think they don’t really care; how many guys do you see that actually play with a fully painted army?
          Privateer Press seems to be more focused on the game the past few years, rather than the hobby.

          • oldsalt

            yeah and that’s my problem with it. Tabletopgaming is a hobby and a game. If I want a hard balanced game. I’d play video games, ASL, or chess. If I wanted to do models…I’d be hitting gundam kits. I want both. that’s what I’m willing to pay a premium for and spend my time on.